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In this video we will look at screen capture and a few other ticks


Awesome Screen Capture for Google Chrome

Screen Capture Firefox

A Whole Bunch Of Graphics For You


1. All the Web Ready files ZIP:

This section contains all the modules with the web-ready files. So if you don’t have Photoshop or PS Elements, and just want the web-ready files, they’re ALL in this one zip file.

>> Click here to open all the web-ready files

2. All the HTML files:

These are the HTM based files like the Mini Site template, squeez page template and video player skins.

>> Click here to open all the HTML files

3. Modules with PSD files:

These are all the different modules with the PSD files that require either Photoshop or Photoshop Elements. They’re broken down into different zip files. Some of these files require a specific version of Photoshop (like CS4 and higher or CS2 and higher). So make sure you have the right version of Photoshop. Click on a link and open in your zip program as they are on the usb and you can see the headers of what is included.

>> Modules 3-5 – Headers, 3D Book covers and web display templates

>> Modules 6-9 – Banners, Social Media icons, shadows and badges

>> Modules 11-14 – Background builder, visual headlines, handwritten headlines and fonts

>> Modules 15-17 – 3d text, grungy text and layer styles

>> Modules 19-22 – Navigation, pricing, guarantee badges and signs

>> Modules 24-28 – Stickers, UI graphics, add to cart, price, numbers and checkmarks

4. Secret Module:

>> Click here to download the secret module – Powerpoint Back, Visual headlines, testimonials

5. Video Tutorials:

>> Click here to download all video tutorials – How to use some of the graphics.

Right click to save files to your computer.

101 People Transparent Images
Flat transparent png 34.7 MB

Page Frames
PSD 9.69 MB

Add Banners
PSD 2.0 MB

Testimonial Boxes
PSD 1.41 B

Hand Written Attention Grabbers
Transparent PNG 38 KB

Premium Header Pack 1
PSD 16.4 MB

Premium Header Pack 2
PSD 17.3 MB

Premium Header Pack 3
PSD 939 mb

2 Fully Layerd Backgrounds
PSD 3.72 MB

Mobile Pad and Desktop screens
PSD 18.2 MB

Photoshop – Resources

PixlrPhotoshopColors and BrushesAction ScriptsProduct & Text – Resources


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