7 Copywriting Website Conversion Tips to help you increase sales and
customers for your business!

website conversion With just a few adjustments to your current website you can increase your conversion rates and these website conversion tips are simple to implement and then test and measure.

Over on the left you can see the basic idea. Get traffic to your website and pass them through a process to achieve a goal whether it be a sale, signup or whatever you choose.


First Website Conversion Tip – Customers want benefits not solutions.

People can find solutions to their problems easily by searching so by the time they get to your website they want to see what added benefit you offer to them. In fact if you look at keywords quite often basic one or two word keyphrases are all research. Website Conversion is all about providing after research support.

Example if I am looking for sheets I may have a look at some of the manufacturers sites and generally enter bed sheets in Google.

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Once I find the solution I then may enter Egyptian 1800 thread white sheets which is now specific and when people get to my website they already know what they want. Can I know provide the benefits, beautiful feel, easy, delivery, fitting bottom sheet etc.

Website conversion is about putting all these into simple context for you visitor.

Second Website Conversion Tip – Pictures worth a 1,000 words

An image of a happy customer or product can increase your website conversion up to and over 100%. This is because just text can be very boring.

All the big companies using interesting images to show the benefits. It can also save a lot of space and make your site look more professional. It can also increase engagement.



Third Website Conversion Tip – Make it scannable

People very rarely read all your content so its important to make it as easy as possible for them to scan your content and get the general points.

To achieve this you can use various formatting techniques such as bold, bullets, headings etc.

1. Bold important facts, benefits and sentences.
2. Break up long paragraphs into shorter ones.
3. Use bullets and numbers, where applicable.
4. Keep your text readable by using black text on a white background.
5. Pare down your web page by removing unnecessary elements.
6. Use photos to explain your message.

Forth Website Conversion Tip – KISS

You do not need 100’s of pages to get people to buy or signup.

The trick with writing a marketing copy to increase your website conversion, whether it is short or long, is to make sure you are answering objections. People will always have concerns about buying your product or service. If you can find out what they are, you can write a copy that addresses those objections.

You can find what these objections are by using surveys especially if a person leaves your site or if they are on it for a period of time.

1. What would you like to see on this page
2. What is you biggest concern about purchasing

Fifth Website Conversion Tip – Optimize your site

Make sure all your pages etc are all aimed at the goal of your business. It is not just one page.

To test this we quite often use A/B testing. For example sometimes it may be better to take customers on a journey so rather than one single sales page.

Things like text, headings, fonts etc should all be consistent. Programs like WordPress make this very easy.

Sixth Website Conversion Tip – Build Relationship

Always try and build some sort of relationship before you sell.

How do you build a relationship with your readers in a really short period of time?

  • Write in a conversational style – Most readers on the Internet read at about a 6th grade education so it is important to write in conversational style. Website conversion is as much about engagement as it is about selling and conversation is the easiest way to begin engagement.
  • Tell stories – A story is way better than any copy you can write. Don’t write a story for the sake of it but to relate to your audience. They want to see your real and easy to get to know.
  • Build trust – one of the quickest ways to build trust with your visitors is to leverage testimonials. When people can see others have used your products then they will trust you more. This is especially so if you can provide their website or contact details.

Seventh Website Conversion Tip – Watch what you say.

tweak your content and calls to action till you get them so you are getting good conversions. A little thing can make a big difference.

Example: using the word Add to Cart rather than BUY Now can make a huge difference.

Here at Web Marketing For Profit this is just one small part of what we offer you. Web site Conversion can be increased quite easily by doing these small things however we will also help you with many of the technical details.

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