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The old days of writing an article and blasting it out to countless article sites is not a good strategy anymore and can actually be counter productive.

Having said that some well placed articles on your own websites, magazines about your industry etc can work wonders.

Article marketing is a form of marketing in which articles are strategically placed on the Internet for the purpose of promoting a specific website.

The concept is to generate interest in your website, establish credibility as an expert in your niche and create back-links to your website that will improve your site’s search engine ranking.

The advantage of article marketing is that it is relatively simple to do and does not cost any money.

There are 7 main keys to address when writing articles for you business.

1. Identify your market niche.

2. Choose article titles.

3. Write high-quality articles.

4. Place summaries of your articles strategically within your site.

5. Share your articles on social networking sites.

6. Publish articles in article directories.

7. Write guest posts for blogs.

Lets have a look at the 5 Part Article Marketing Course you can also download. This is quite old but the basic information about how to write articles is priceless.

Download this video PT1 6 MB

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Download this video PT 3 7.8 MB

Download this video PT 4 8 MB

Download this video PT 5 5 MB

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