Websites come in a whole range of designs and formats however we only concentrate of 5 main models.

1. We develop html sites though not so much these days however there is still a call for them and one of our mobile tutorials is based around html. A lot of software you can use have WYSIWYG editors so this makes it a lot easier to develop html sites.

What is the difference between html and htm?

These were just two different formats and it really does not matter to much which one you use but you need to be consistent. I good way to see which gets priority on your server is make and index.htm, index.html, index.php and then load them up one by one to se where the fit.

When using html you have to be organized and work out your navigation and spend some time organizing your flow through. These are usually used for small sites, lead capture pages or one off sales pages.

Its also good to know a little html to troubleshoot.

2. We use WordPress a lot because it does so much of the work for you as far as organizing and SEO. It is a great system to upgrade a poor performing html website and by using Posts etc we can get excellent rankings which very few business people are doing.

This site is running on wordpress and a theme which is the base for the site. I can then add new content and use plugins and other quick little fixes to accomplish things it would take ages to do in html.

WordPress is a great way to get any type of business websites online and you can do it yourself, get someone to set it up then add your own content or have it fully developed for you.

It will manage all your media, navigation and allow you to add plugins and shortcodes which add functionality.

3. Mobile HTML Sites which can be built easily and have a great look and will fit any phone using a stretch and fit system.

WordPress Mobile Websites which are more complex and can hold a lot more data. They are more suited to larger projects and can use all the great features of wordpress.

4. Templates these can be used across the range however most times you have to know a little of how they work before you can do any real customization.

5. Lead Capture sites which you can use any of the four styles above however these sites are just for building data bases of potential customers.

These different types all then slot into one of our marketing strategies.

Mobile Websites 


Each one serves a specific function. Hopefully as we go through you will get a clear understanding why we have different models.

Don’t let this all confuse you to much as it is all in step step videos and in most cases you will only be using wordpress as a business site.

Be sure to contact us if you want more information or come join us and discover the profitable world of Internet Marketing

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