When I started using Photoshop for the first time I was being taught by a professional graphic artist.

I left that training utterly confused and never touched Photoshop for a year or so after that experience.

I was looking through a video store and came across some DVD Photoshop training so thought I would give it another go.

I was amazed that these videos could spend 3 hours on one piece of artwork with a photo and the depth they went to filtering and touching up every little pixel.

And then cam a friend of mine who saw my dilemma and was able to show me the principles behind Photoshop rather than showing me all the principles.

I needed to be able to teach orphans etc simple ways to do graphics for their business or an employer.

Learning The Basics

Photoshop layersThe fact is most people only need a very few parts of Photoshop to do over 90% of things they may need.

For example if you learn what a layer is and how to use it then you have a great advantage because one of the core foundations of Photoshop is the ability to break everything up into layers.

On the left you can see we can merge the three layers to make one with 3 different colors and 3 different shapes.

When you understand the power of layers you might then understand what we say when we talk about mixing and matching layers.

By mixing and matching you can create brand new artwork by combining a couple of pieces of artwork. So in the video below I use a template of a smartphone then use elements from different pieces of Artwork. In the full course I show you how to do this plus many other techniques.

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Automation and Short Cuts

The next thing I learnt that helps our students is that a lot of tasks can be automated and these automation’s can provide fantastic results. There are also lots of packages of the different pieces that you might use in your artwork saving you hours of developing.

For example this used a very simple process which we show you in the tutorials to provide the Surf text for a mobile phone website.

Photoshop Text Effect

Photoshop Text Effect

There are also things called actions which can provide a wide range of effects which only require you to hit play and it will do the rest for you.


The beauty of doing a course like this is it opens up a whole range of possibilities and also lets you see how it all works. Unfortunately it also shows up how bad some graphic artists are and means you can negotiate better graphics for your business.

You can invest $19.00 and get it here 
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