Web Marketing for ProfitGetting your business online is part of your marketing strategy and a great resource for your staff and business in general.

What To Use A Website For?

Basically your website can do a lot of the grunt work for your business and free up time if you organize it correctly. Firstly it can provide information to potential and current customers. New products, instructions, contact and other information.

Example: a customer rings up and wants to know about one of your products then you can direct them to a pdf or webpage. In our business we change the stock of donuts weekly so we can add the new range.


Many times when your advertising, you can use a website address as a point of reference to integrate your marketing and get better tracking. Add it to business cards, use QR Codes to provide instructions for products etc. No matter what social media you use it will quite often ask for a web address so it will also link this for you as a central point.

What Web Software to Use?

We use a program called WordPress which allows us to add content and manage our website any time. Be wary of companies that want to use their own systems as they will lock you in and then you have to use their inflated services to make changes etc.

We offer two plans which are fully managed or self managed.

Self Managed Web Sites

By using WordPress we can set up the whole site including templates, plugins etc and then you can add your own content and make ay adjustments. This is great for small businesses. We also have many video tutorials to help you understand how it all works. You also get limited support allowing you to ask questions. All this for just $25 USD a month which covers, hosting, installation and support.

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Fully Managed Web Sites

Again we use WordPress so we can build your website, add content etc for you and generally manage your website for you. Any time you can revert to a self managed web site and take over the site. This is a completely mix and match system giving you as much or as little control as you wish.

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Blogging for Profit

One of the best things about having a WordPress website for your business is to be able to blog which in simple terms is short targeted articles about your products and services. These can also drive traffic and bring in new customers.

Ecommerce For Businesses Website

WordPress allows for a lot of plugins and one of these is ecommerce. Woo Commerce is an industrial grade add on that allows you to sell your products and services quickly and simply.

List Building For Business Website

You may have heard the comment the money is in the list. Using your WordPress site for list building is simple using various plugins. You can either do autoresponders or news letters. Most of the major software used to manage lists will integrate into WordPress.

Media For Your Business Website

Because WordPress is so widley used by businesses and many other vocations media is easy to add. Audio, video, presentations and graphics can all be added with a couple of clicks.

Full Support

Most business people are not web masters so we offer a full support system where you can learn all the tips and tricks for your business website. Ask questions and get  responses, watch videos and access additional training.

If you have any question feel free to contact us anytime.

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