Step 1: Have 110% clarity around your vision, purpose and core values.

clar·i·ty [klar-i-tee] noun = 1. clearness as to understanding; freedom from ambiguity.

Hopefully you’re closer on nailing this than some entrepreneurs I know.

Listen — get a clear understanding of where you want to go and why.

Not from a product viewpoint though. Think bigger picture. What is the higher purpose for your company? What does your company (or you as the founder) believe? Why do you believe what you believe?

Big vision, core values and higher purpose are the foundations from which great entrepreneurs build great companies.

Look at Steve Jobs. His whole motto in life was “Think Different”. I mean have you ever heard the guy? Spewing quotes much different than others. Thinking differently with bigger purpose and vision.

That’s why Apple is different. Because of their founder; Mr. Jobs. Focusing on the why and their bigger picture purpose, Apple pops out unbelievable products.

Now can you do the same? Yes. You can. You have to believe in your vision. See it. Trust in it.

And then just get clarity on it.

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