There are a lot of people around at the moment supposedly supplying you with secrets of how they made their business successful.

Unfortunately once you get into their process you find they are promoting someones elses product or system or even just rehashing some old system.

I this, my first post of 2014, I want to share with you what I do to push my business along and the system I use which you can use as your own.

This is not a rehashed product or system but just what I do.

System 1 – Documentation

Everything I do in my business I document for a couple of different reasons.

The first is it gets it out of my head so others can access it. When I hire new people or want to outsource a project I have all the various procedures documented.

Example 1: I want to get my wife to start doing the banking. I have a complete document of the different things it takes to do the banking. Name of bank, situated at, account numbers, forms required, entering cheques, cash etc. I can just send her the document and its all there in black and white. Just follow the process.

Obviously if she finds a mistake she can update it herself and add any steps I may have missed.

This documentation also means for more specific tasks that others may like to know I can create products or services so they can access.

Example 2: I use Photoshop quite a lot in my business not for all the high quality graphics but web graphics, banner adds etc so I found a really easy way to do this and documented and turned it into a product. The premise is that if I need it so will many others.

So I created MSI Photoshop which is a bunch of video tutorials on how I use Photoshop and I sell this and provide it to staff and members so they can use the same system.

I do the same for PIXLR which is a free graphics program, how I create digital magazines etc.

System 2 – Delivery and Collaboration

In the first example I provided a document and the best place to store these documents is on the cloud so they can be accessed any where on any device.

I personally use Google docs so all my staff, outsource people and members can access via there own google account. Not only that but for the ones I need to work with and update these documents, I can also add editing rights so they can make or add changes to the documents.

One document in one place means no confusing duplicates!

For the more complex delivery, like the Photoshop tutorials, I use a domain, membership website and ecomerce system so that I can deliver them both for income and to anybody I wish.

I also add all of them in this site for members and myself so they are all conveniently in one place.

What people often don’t understand is that a website is a system
and should be treated as such. By adding various plugins you can
create a fully automated system for both clients and staff.

 System 3 – Followup and Support

The last part of my system is to follow up and support both staff and clients. To do this I use Google Docs and Gmail. This is mainly because they all integrate together to provide a seamless system for my business.

I back it all up using Google takeout and Thunderbird for additional backup of emails.

In the systems of gmail you can import up 5 accounts. This means if you have a domain with an email like you can import all the emails into your gmail account and send them out just as if you are using that account directly.

As a follow up system I use Aweber for list building and follow up.

So this is just a small sample of the systems and processors I use to build my online business. There is a lot more inside.

Its not just a course its a resource

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