We have just added 42 Modules which is 3+ Hours on how to use Camtasia in the training section. You’ll Find Out How To Use Every Aspect of Camtasia 9 To Make Your Video Sizzle.

We bought our copy back at version 3 and have made numerous products and support videos. Here is a small sample of what it looks like.


Video Tutorial Products

So the first way to use Camtasia is to actually make video products. These are actually stand alone videos or how to. So my first videos were basically how to build a website using some software. I then made some on how to use Photoshop and more. So how to videos or interviews or review products is just the start of using Camtasia.

Support Video Tutorials

Once I started making my own products and services I found my support grew a lot so I started to use videos to answer the most common questions. As I started doing this some businesses noticed and hired me to make support videos for them also.

Staff Support Videos

A lot of businesses use temp and casual employees and so part of my career as an internet marketer has been helping these businesses setting up systems for them. My first one was a medical company and they wanted me to video a lot of the admin procedures so when new staff came in they could just watch the videos to get up to speed quickly.

Marketing And Advertising

One of the other ways we use Camtasia Video is to make videos specifically to advertise or promote my products and services. We try and bring constancy and do small quick training videos.


$197 AUD for the USB3 Training, Access to free
Webinar Training and Q&A
Plus Private Forum

Once you have paid you will get Instant Access.
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