Over the last 20 years I have been a full time Internet Marketer and during this time I have gathered a number of clients in over 34 countries. These clients have ranged from home businesses selling products and services locally and globally to large corporate clients.

The biggest request form all these clients is content as they understand content is king.

Content for your product and services

For many of the corporate clients we have been able to access their archives and get content from brochures however for my own products and services and the smaller clients this is not so available.

I have used a service for many years called Resell Rights Weekly which provides PLR and stands for Private Label Rights. Think of it like a freelance content service where people create content in the form or articles, videos, audios, graphics etc that you can use edit etc and call your own. Basically you are buying a lic to use the material.

So one of my clients breeds dogs and needed some content for their website so we went to the site and did a general search for Dog and got a whole lof of material from training to feeding and everything in between.

Product for List Building

If you are building a list you can find all sorts of great products to give aways to entice your potential clients to sign up to your newsletter etc.

We got one PLR and over a series of autoresponders broke the product up and provided a free graphic set. This was a very successful campaign.

Articles for Content.

If you join the program and go beyond the free stuff there is a whole range of training, articles and other material to help you grow a great business. There is a repository of over 100,000 articles you can re-edit, use for your book or magazine and so much more.

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We also edit and add a lot of the products to our own store where we sell the products individually. Come check out our store.

RR stands for Resale Rights. This means that you have the right to sell the product, as is, for a profit to the end user. You do not have the right to change the product, and you cannot pass on any rights with the product.

MRR stands for Master Resale Rights, which not only allows you to sell the product, as is, you can pass on the Resale Rights (RR) to the product as well. You still do not have the right to alter the product.

Private Label Rights (PLR) on the other hand, allow you to change, personalise, or otherwise alter the product to make it into your own, including putting your own name on it as the writer/originator.

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