Cyber-Security-GearNow that your business is up and running we should look at the security side as you will be using computers, pos systems and other online services so it is very important to protect all these assets.

There are basically 2 main approaches. Prevention and Positioning.

Prevention is usually what the larger companies use as it is based on stopping attacks etc. This process also tends to require an IT department to continually monitor the systems and instigate protocols.

Because they have large systems and many computers it is more economical to protect the system.

Positioning is mainly what is suggested to smaller businesses and relies on backing up all your data, If anything major goes wrong then simply reformat the computers and start from scratch. Clean and quick.

Case Study

We implemented this positioning system for a client who was attacked with ransom ware. Because we had backups of all their information on a small NAS system we simply put in another hard drive, loaded all his software and they were back up and running with a clean system in one day and cheaper than paying the ransom.


There are a couple of ways to move.  You can hire someone to do it for you or take our course on Cyber Security.

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