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It is important to get as much information from the customer as possible to work out a clear plan of action.

So what we need to learn is the culture of the business we are going to help. If this is an old customer then it is quite easy as we have already built a relationship.

 Obviously if it is a new customer then we need to establish that relationship first.Basically we want to do what is listed in the graphic to the left.

Identify Assets – Make a list of all the different types of hardware and commonly used software in the business. This will include computers, servers, modems, routers etc.

Evaluate Threats and Risks – have a look if their wifi is locked down, software all up to date, how staff interact with data and good backup systems onsite and off.

Apply and Monitor Safeguards – install good quality antivirus and backup strategies, update software etc.

Respond to Security Incidents – pretty well self evident however some will want to do it themselves and some will want you or associate to do it.

Make Adjustments as Needed  If they buy new hardware or software make sure it is added to assets and added to the system.

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The Truth About Cyber Security

The truth is that most virus software only protects the viruses from the past not current as they have to add it. Some do this daily and some do it less often. We want to create a system that if anything does happen we can get up and running again quickly.

Backup is critical to any Cuber Security Plan no matter what size the business.

We can make it harder for hackers once we implement some basic controls.
One of the places I learnt how to offer different services to my customers was through TED Talks and Youtube and thyen applying what I learnt so then I could add my own.

Watch this video from a professional hacker. Frank Heidt


Common Hacks & How To Prevent & Protect – Companies and People

Learning About Your Customers Business

On the next page we provide a quiz that will help you answer many of the question however here is a run down of what we want to know. Dealing with your customer is as much about education as providing the solutions.

The first things is to determine the size and scope of your client.

Are they only in one location, how many staff do they have and how many computers. Do they use mobiles, tablets etc? Do they have any security in place already and are they backing up their important information both onsite and off.


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