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Well if your here hopefully you have read through all the information and applied to your own business.
I think you have got it. Keep everything up to date, use strong passwords and Backup.

Residual Income

This is where we now set up the residual income for our business.

After everything is set up we need to go back and check that all the different systems we have implemented are working. The backup is backing up, it is being sent to Amazon or whatever you choose and if there are any staff having any problems.

We offer our customers a 6 or 12 month support contract where they can call with any problems and as we have usually taken over their website we can also do content etc for them.

Now you have the confidence of your client you can use all the information on this stick to offer a wide range of services to your clients.

Time For Some More Study


We shop online. We work online. We play online. We live online. As our lives increasingly depend on digital services, the need to protect our information from being maliciously disrupted or misused is really important.

This free online course will help you to understand online security and start to protect your digital life, whether at home or work. You will learn how to recognise the threats that could harm you online and the steps you can take to reduce the chances that they will happen to you.

With cyber security often in the news today, the course will also frame your online safety in the context of the wider world, introducing you to different types of malware, including viruses and trojans, as well as concepts such as network security, cryptography, identity theft and risk management.

Your guide for the course is Cory Doctorow, a visiting professor at The Open University.

“If you want an introduction to the subject that provides an overview or to improve your own personal information security, it is an excellent course – enjoyable, informative, engaging and authoritative.”

– Tony Morbin, Editor-in-Chief, SC Magazine

Double accredited course

This GCHQ Certified Training course is also accredited by the Institute of Information Security Professionals (IISP).

It has been developed by The Open University with support from the UK Government’s National Cyber Security Programme and can be accessed free of charge.


The Open University


The course does not assume any prior knowledge of computer security and can be enjoyed by anyone interested in improving the security of their digital information.

Join The Course and you will be able to go through it all as it has finished.


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