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Policy – Computers – Software Assetts – Storage – Passwords – Staff Training – Anti Virus –Tweaks – Backup – Wireless – Email Security – Resources – Speed Up PC – Firewall – Website

This is the crux of the course where we take you through the different products you can offer your clients and also use yourself. We will also provide education with products and services you can use.

 In the Investigation page we had a video at the bottom by a hacker and he suggested the best way to protect yourself is make sure everything is up to date and use strong passwords. This is basically all we had when we started working with small businesses however we have added a lot more these day.

1. Cyber Security Policy Document 
Most small and home businesses will not need a Cyber Security Policy Document however as you get more confident with your product you may want to move up to larger businesses with lots of staff and this document then becomes gold. They come in a word doc so you can customize and brand. Even home businesses may need this in the future.

2. Passwords
One of the most important parts of security to have different passwords for different uses and also a way to store them. We use a free product called Keepass and provide the software and training. Has a desktop and USB version which is fantastic for travelling.

3. Antivirus Software
I am always surprised how many businesses use free antivirus software despite all hackers suggesting that it is not worth it. Good quality software does so much more than scan for viruses. Its an investment not an expense. Here we provide two of the best and you can also become an affiliate.

4. Backup and Storage – MUST DO
Lets face it if someone decides that they are going to hack a small business they probably will. What we do is remove the chances of bots and the automated systems etc. If everything is backed up then we can clean and re-install it all within 24 hours. It is our insurance and does not have to be that expensive. DIY or Outsource

5. Windows and Mac Tweaks
Lots of businesses bought computers with windows already installed and generic settings so with some tweaks you can lock them down a lot more.

6. Computers
While not so much a security risk as much as a hardware failure a lot of computers in offices never get cleaned and so fans etc get all clogged up with dust and dirt. Time to do a clean so DIY or Outsource.

7. Secure Wireless Access
Many offices these days work on wireless rather than cabled Internet and access so we need to secure it.

8. Managing Spam and Emails

Emails are a key source of infection so we will have a look at some ways to stop this. Also spam can use up a lot of time so we will also look at this.

9. Resources
Here is where we add resources we find that are not listed above. You can suggest them below in comments or use the forum to discuss.