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Backup storage is the most critical part of this process because if anything gets through it means we can get back up and running in a very short time. With backup and storage there is two parts.

Part 1 – Automate the backup process to a server or caddy

Part 2Automate backup to offsite location

Storage Backup for Home Office

dualsatahdddockwithwifi_small2For small home businesses this can be to a external hard drive and then we like to upload to Amazon. You can buy caddies and buy a separate hard drive. These are also called docking stations.

They connect directly to your computer and with some simple software you can backup to the hard drive and also upload.

The reason to backup to Amazon is to have a copy offsite in case of theft or fire etc.

I use Cloudberry to a S3 or Amazon Glacier account which works out to less than $3 for 100 gig storage a month. On the backup page we also provide free versions and one for Mac computers.

This is a great system for home based businesses with just a couple of computers. You can share the drive over a network so a couple of computers can use the storage but the computer its connected to needs to be available all the time as they usually connect via USB.

Storage Backup for Small Business Office

With businesses that have a number of computer we use a small server called a NAS.

A NAS (Network Attached Storage) is aimed more at the network file storage end of things, offering an easy way to make a ton of storage available to your network. Basically it is similar to the caddy above but can run separately to a computer and often comes packaged with software.

You want to get one that has two drives so they copy to each other and if one goes down then you simply slip in a new hard drive and it copies everything across.

If your not to savy then go find a supplier and do a deal. We did it all our self to start with but then the guy we were buying the NAS from asked what we were doing and ended giving us a great deal so he does it all for us now and pays us a commission. As always do what you love outsource what you don’t.

I tried making a video to explain but it was 30 minutes. This guy does all the same info in 5 minutes and is pretty good. In fact he has some techie stuff I have used in the past.

Storage Backup for Larger Business Office

We have done a few of these and tend to go with Dell or one of the larger providers as they will do all the maintenance if anything goes wrong and installation.


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