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One of the courses on our new training program is about how we produce different published material.

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Basically these products are all made the same however the main difference being in the formatting of the information.

eBooks – these are mainly like any type of book in that they have chapters and are laid out in a single column no adds but can have graphics. The content tends to flow and each chapter adds to the previous one and tends to also prepare for the next one.

We tend to use a word processor and then convert to PDF for universal viewing.

Digital Magazine – these are mainly a set of articles interspersed with advertising and traditionally are 3 to 4 columns however digitally we try and keep to 2 columns so they can be easily read on tablets etc. We use PowerPoint to aid in formatting and adding graphics though you can use word processors or publishing software. Again finally converted to PDF.

Reports – are usually a shortened form of an ebook devoted to a specific topic.


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