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What is a Digital Magazine?

In the early days a digital magazine was simply a standard magazines converted to PDF as in most cases they were viewed on a computer screen.

Since the introduction of mobile devices and tablets this is not such a good way to deliver a digital magazine and a whole new industry is starting up around creating digital magazines in more compatible formats.

The new digital magazine producer also makes use of the great aspects of the internet and mobile enabled sites linking to other m0obile sites like Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest and so many more..

It is often forgotten that the digital publication industry has only been around since 2010. This should come as no surprise considering it is also the birth year of the modern tablet industry. As is to be expected with any emerging market, it takes several years for the pioneers of the digital magazine age to develop an earnest understanding of the underlying technologies.

At the same time, a digital magazine is far less static than traditional publications, given the devices they are viewed on and the intimacy of the user experience. Understanding how to properly produce content for such a new, yet familiar medium has been an exercise in passion and patience requiring a set of skills that takes years to develop.

Its the perfect time to be looking at developing a digital magazine for your business.

Digital Magazine Formats

When I talk about formats I mean the content more so than the layout which we will talk about later.

Digital Magazine formats are different than most other digital formats in that magazines are a mixture of articles, tips and tricks, interviews and advertising all bundled in an easy to read presentation.

Digital Magazine presentation

With so many different platforms for reading your content it is important to format it in such a way that you can access it on a tablet to a laptop etc.

The way to do this is keep the content in a little larger font and keep the layout large.

This is especially so for the magazine format. Many traditional magazines just convert to pdf however 4 columns is almost impossible to read on a tablet.

Size of the download is also important for the same reason. Today while researching this topic I went to download a very popular magazine and it was over 50 mb.

On a tablet this would be a quick sign to a reader to not download it.

Once you master it you can use the same skill to create digital catalogues etc. So you can choose to create your own for create them for                others.

Usually we like to stick to one maybe two columns so the information can be easily read on tablets and mobiles. In most cases we like to present the information in a PDF format which can then be downloaded on any device.

In some instances we also develop mobile site Digital Magazines.

Best accessed on your Mobile or Tablet


Digital Magazine Distribution

Just like many other sectors online you may never compete with large magazine producers however there are plenty of small niches you can conquer and become the goto distributor.

There are quite a few sites you can distribute your magazines on and if you do not want to charge for your magazine you can get some prtetty good stats which will enable you to charge for advertising.

Digital Magazine Samples


Click Here to download the
PDF imMagazine
1.5 MB


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PDF imMagazine 2 MB


Click Here to download the

PDF Crowd Funding
1.1 MB

Download iBooks app if it is not installed.

On desktop and laptop you can use Adobe reader.

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Digital Magazine

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