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Mals eCommerce Advanced and Downloads

Code Used for Downloads

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Some goods that you sell may be shipped on the internet itself, for example, software for download, MP3 music files or access to protected web pages with valuable information. To do this you need some way of presenting information or links on the final exit page of the cart.

Download systems tend to only work if the Thank you page is generated by the cart. This includes transactions processed by; standard (free) card methods and most payment gateways, click here for a full list. Note: the the download system works only partially with PayPal Standard, even with their Auto-return (to the cart) system. PayPal Express checkout is the preferred option for downloads as the transaction finishes in the cart.

To sell downloads you can either use the system built into the cart, it is quite basic but works, or you can use a third-party service:


First set up your database in Admin. With a free account there is a limit of 50 products, with a Premium account it is 500. To link to the database you should include the product code when you add items to the cart. This is done by placing it at the front of the description followed immediately by a colon and a space “: “. For example;

< input value=”pr1001: Small widgets”>

The price field in the cart is checked against the price for that product in the database, they must match. This is to stop naughty people trying to adjust the price in the cart.

List of Titles for the Tutorials

  1. Introduction – How to register your system and login
  2. Payment Methods – How to set up your payment gateways etc.
  3. Email Settings – Sending and receiving orders and how to customize
  4. Tax and Shipping – Essential for selling products
  5. Provide Discounts and Vouchers – Great way to promote products and services
  6. Customize the look and feel – make it look like your cart
  7. Advanced Settings & Digital Downloads – Creating a more interactive experience
  8. Affiliates – How to set up your own affiliate program
  9. Putting the cart in your website or Blog – Different code for your cart