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Mals eCommerce – Affiliates


This is the affiliate program which is built into the cart.

To setup the shopping cart to use mTracker first select it as an option in the My Admin section. Then go to Affiliate programs in the Cart setup, check the mTracker check box and hit the update button. There is also a Help file in the Admin area of mTracker…

Recruiting affiliates

We are not involved in the business of recruiting affiliates for you. That’s your job! Potential new affiliates should be directed to the join form at:

It is very important that this link contains your username (userid). Otherwise we don’t know who’s affiliate program they are trying to join.

Affiliate’s admin area

Each affiliate has their own admin area where they can update their personal details and view their statistics. They can login at:

So you will need to provide a link to it on your site.

List of Titles for the Tutorials

  1. Introduction – How to register your system and login
  2. Payment Methods – How to set up your payment gateways etc.
  3. Email Settings – Sending and receiving orders and how to customize
  4. Tax and Shipping – Essential for selling products
  5. Provide Discounts and Vouchers – Great way to promote products and services
  6. Customize the look and feel – make it look like your cart
  7. Advanced Settings & Digital Downloads – Creating a more interactive experience
  8. Affiliates – How to set up your own affiliate program
  9. Putting the cart in your website or Blog – Different code for your cart