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Mals eCommerce Customize Look and Feel

Frequently Asked Questions accessed online:

What are the values I need to set in my links?

How do I get a Continue Shopping button in the cart?

I get a 405 error when I click on the Continue Shopping button

What is the Review Cart Content link?

What is the Review Cart Content link?

Can I use a POST set instead?

Can I use HTML in my header and footer messages?

I’ve lost my password

I’m not getting my order notifications by email

I get an error message “Userid not set”.

ERROR: Link verification failed

Where can I find a list of ISO country codes?

Can the cart collect card CVV numbers?

List of Titles for the Tutorials

  1. Introduction – How to register your system and login
  2. Payment Methods – How to set up your payment gateways etc.
  3. Email Settings – Sending and receiving orders and how to customize
  4. Tax and Shipping – Essential for selling products
  5. Provide Discounts and Vouchers – Great way to promote products and services
  6. Customize the look and feel – make it look like your cart
  7. Advanced Settings & Digital Downloads – Creating a more interactive experience
  8. Affiliates – How to set up your own affiliate program
  9. Putting the cart in your website or Blog – Different code for your cart
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