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I have been with Paypal almost since they started back in 2000. They won my business because to accept and pay accounts was so easy and my income deposited directly into my bank which was so much easier than getting checks.

When I started everything was done by checks and was a pain as the bank charged quite a lot to process. Its a process so stay calm and just do what your told.

I am not going to add a lot of videos here as the site can change so here is the documentation.

To keep up to up to date and watch the rest of the videos watch their Youtube channel.

Our business has used Paypal in a number of situations. to sell products and services online, to buy products and services online, to raise funds through donations for charity, to run membership sites with recurring payments and finally to send invoices to clients. 

If you have only a Personal account, you can easily upgrade it:

Using your personal Paypal account to do business is a sure way to get your account suspended and also not be able to use all the tools. I have only once been suspended and worked with Paypal and was back up in a couple of days. I have also had my back merchant cancelled and it was a lot harder to get it reinstated so it is just part of doing online business.

Be honest and follow the rules and you will be fine.

Log into your PayPal Personal account.

Click Upgrade Account.

On the Upgrade Your Account screen, click Upgrade Now.

On the Choose a Name to Do Business As page, choose either Premier or Business. Choosing Business allows you to enter business information, such as customer service contact information for your business, on the next screen.

When you’re done, your account will immediately be capable of accepting payments funded by credit cards.

Should you change your mind, you can downgrade a Premier or Business account to a Personal account only once. If you think you might want to use a Personal account after upgrading, it’s best to open a separate account.

Setting Your Payment Preferences

Before using your account, you might want to take a moment to review your Payment Receiving Preferences. You can set your PayPal account to accept or reject payments based on your business needs.

Here’s how to access these settings:

Log into your PayPal Premier or Business account.

Click the My Account tab, and then click the Profile sub tab.

Click the Payment Receiving Preferences tab under the Selling Preferences heading.

Here you can make your choices about whether to accept payments

Ecommerce – Paypal
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