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An Introduction to Crowd Funding

We have two of the best resources for you on this subject. One is mine the Crowd Funding magazine and the other is the Crowd Funding bible. Our magazine shows how you can use them to promote business ideas. The QUBI didn’t take off due to competition releasing the Xiaomi MI BOX Android 6.0 Smart Set-top TV Box Quad Core MI. However you can see the process.

Magazine PDF Crowdfunding

Crowfunding Bible PDF

Want to start your own business or have a great idea for tomorrow’s next million-dollar invention? Congratulations – crowdfunding gives you the power to bring entire businesses and better widgets to life overnight.

But what is crowdfunding exactly, how does it compare to crowdsourcing, and (more importantly) how can you use it to provide venture capital for any project or startup?

In these books you’ll find some handy hints, tips and how-to guides, as well as commentary from leading experts and crowdfunding veterans, to harnessing the ultimate in people power.

Following is a detailed overview of guiding business principles and case studies that you, as a modern entrepreneur, can utilize to create your own successful crowdfunding campaign.

Note that while many examples here may come from the video games and interactive entertainment industry (among the fields that have benefited most financially from this practice), they’re also applicable to many other consumer-facing sectors, including consumer electronics, periodicals, books, film, television, fashion and even special events and community projects.

The good news for aspiring inventors and startups: With the right project and assets to convey your vision to potential backers, and a detailed understanding of how to engage with today’s audiences, anyone can make their dreams a reality.

Better yet, you too can participate in this exciting new means of funding, and launch nearly any promising new project or business.

Ready to dive in headfirst and begin raising attention and capital for your latest and greatest ideas? Let’s begin by taking a deeper look at what crowdfunding means, and how exactly the field works. Watch the below video online Youtube.

What is Crowdfunding?

Simply put, crowdfunding is the process of asking the general public for donations that provide startup capital for new ventures.

Using the technique, entrepreneurs and small busi¬ness owners can bypass venture capitalists and angel investors entirely and instead pitch ideas straight to everyday Internet users, who provide financial backing. (At the same time, you will also gain early validation of project concepts and the projected scope of target markets.)

Using services like Kickstarter and IndieGogo, creators essentially build web pages that host information, photos and promotional videos on products, projects or services they’re looking to get funded. Viewers are then offered special rewards in exchange for pledges that support their efforts.

Rather than equity or a share of profits though, benefits often take the form of exclusive merchandise, advance access to new releases, or more personal incentives.

There are three basic models provided for – some sites offer a choice between them:

  • All or Nothing (AoN) – When the fund-raising period is over, pledged money is only collected from the contributors if the fundraising goal is met. If the goal is not met, no money is collected.
  • Keep it All (KiA) – Whether the project goal is met or not, all of the funds collected (minus commission) are handed over to the entrepreneur. If he or she has insufficient funds to meet the objectives, then it is up to the recipient to refund them to the contributors.
  • Bounty – The funds collected so far are given to anyone who completes the project.

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All links valid at time of creating this document.

ArtistShareKiAMusiciansHas own record label.
AppsplitKiA or AoNTechnologyUSAHas an app or app idea.
BountysourceBounty or AoNOpen source softwareBounties are attached to github issues. Anyone can collect the bounty by submitting a pull request that resolves the issue.
Yomken.comAoNLow-tech InnovationsEgyptFirst Arabic non-profit open-innovation and crowdfunding platform.
CatincanAoNOpen source softwareExisting project developers put features up for funding that will be integrated into main branch.
CrowdFundEDUKiAEducation crowdfunding for college tuition, K-12 fundraisers, books and supplies, activities, sports equipment, student loan debt
DonorsChooseAoNEducation crowdfunding for school supplies
First FunderKiA or AoNCommunity based
FondomatKiAEntrepreneurs, small businesses, non-profits, accelerators, incubators, universities, SBDCs, community programsCzech RepublicFirst partner-based platform. Sources all campaigns from community partners.
FundableAoNStartup businessesSpecializes in obtaining pre-seed funding for startup businesses.
FundageekKiAInventors, research, education, software, community supportAdditional project promotion services are available
Funding4LearningKiA or AoNEducational projects
FundRazrKiAPersonal, charitable, entrepreneurial, and political causesCanadaAvailable as an app for a Facebook page.
FundlyKiAPersonal, charitable, and political causesUSAvailable as an app for a Facebook page.
GiveForwardKiAOnline fundraising website to raise money for medical expenses.USProvides personal fundraising coaches.
GoFundMeKiAHelping people after
accidents and illnesses
IAmScientistAoNAcademic researchAlso provides social network for academic collaboration
IndiegogoKiA or AoNAllows a broad range of projectsOne of the top sites
InvestedInKiA or AoNOpen to any project anywhere in the worldAlso offers a white label crowdfunding platform
KickstarterAoNCreative projectsUnited States and United KingdomHighest funded projects to date
LoudsauceAoNSocial awareness
advertising campaigns
MicroryzaAoNFund scientific researchNo tangible awards are given for backing, only personal satisfaction
MobcasterAoNTV shows
MyfreeimplantsAoNCosmetic surgeryFocused on breast augmentations. International
Neighbor.lyKiA or AoNCivic projectsSpecializes in raising local match for securing federal and state grants
OffbeatrAoNPornographyProjects must first get enough votes from users before they are open for funding
Peoplefund.itAoNAttached to Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall
Petridish.orgAoNScientific research
Rally.orgKiAMedical, educational, charitable, creative, entrepreneurial, and political causesUSA and Germany
Rock The PostAoNEntrepreneurs and small businesses
YouCaringKiAHelping people with
medical issues and life changing causes
WeeveKiANonprofitsSite operates “freemium” model without transaction fees
ZenFunderAoNCivic organizations – government and schoolsUSACreated by CitySourced, maker of civic engagement software.

Business ventures

Crowd funding can be used to raise capital (equity) or borrow money. While organized informally, they typically involve large numbers of small investors or lenders:

  • Equity – Investors receive equity in the company or entrepreneur that is raising funds.
  • Property – Investors receive interests in the property from an owner who is raising funds.
  • Loan – The entrepreneur or company borrows money and must repay it (typically, with interest).
  • Other – There are a number of other schemes in use which are generally unique to particular services.


Abundance GenerationDebtCommunity renewable energy projectsUK
AngelListEquity, debtStart-upsUSCurrently serves accredited investors
BankToTheFutureEquity, debt, awardssmall businesses and new start-upsUK
BolstrRevenue shareSmall businessesUSAble to operate now, pre-JOBS Act
CircleUpEquityConsumer products and retailUSCurrently serves accredited investors
CrowdCubeEquity and rewardsstart-ups, small businesses, growing businessesUK
FundableEquitySeed stage businesses
FundedByMeEquity and rewardsEntrepreneursSweden and Finland
Funding CircleLoanSmall businessesUK
GambitiousEquityGame developmentNetherlands
Innovestment GmbHEquity auctionsGermany
KopernikOther3rd world issues
Lending ClubEquity/loan
Mosaic Inc.Solar DebtSolar projects, available to general public in CA/NY and all US accreditedsUSopen, pre-JOBS Act
Prosper MarketplaceLoan
rebuildingsociety.comLoanAll businessesUK
SecondMarketEquity, debtLate stage start-ups and privately held companiesat a pre-IPO or pre-acquisition stage
SeedrsEquitySeed-stage businesses, Investments from £10+UK
SeedupsEquityEarly stage tech-startupsUK, Ireland and USA
StartupValleyEquityTechnology start-ups and businesses
SymbidEquity, perksStart ups and business ideas, entrepreneurs, small businesses, accelerators, incubators, crowd investors, angel investorsNetherlandsResponsible for one third of the Dutch crowdfunding market in 2012
TenPages.comRevenue sharingBooksNetherlands
ThinCatsLoanSmall businessesUK
UnboundperksBooksUKActs as both a crowdfunding platform and a publisher. Launched Terry Jones‘ Evil Machines, the first book to be financed by crowd funding.
UpstartLoanLoans for recent college graduates

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