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Hello, In this tutorial you’re about to learn how to upload to your website via FTP using free client software called FileZilla.FileZilla is a freeware, so it means you can download it and use for free.

You can get is at FileZilla’s homepage at SourceForgeNet, url: http://filezilla.sourceforge.net/Once you downloaded and installed the program you’ll be able to launch the program and proceed with uploading.

NOTE: You will need an FTP address of your site plus login name and password for it. All of it should be in the Login Information email you got from your host or yourself after your set up your hosting account.. This also works for your cPanel. They update on a regular basis so yours may look a little different but the main screens will be the same.


NOTE: Please make sure that your local internet settings (firewall, anti-virus, IE Internet Options Security Settings) won’t block you from connecting to the server on Port: 21 (you can skip this now, but if you have problems with connecting to your website please check it).

Step 1. After you launch FileZilla you should get such screen:

As you can see, the interface is not too complicated. On the left you can see your local folder tree (teal frame) and selected folder content (green frame). The view and program windows are customizable so once you feel more comfortable with it you can adjust it to your preferences.

To configure FileZilla to connect to your website please click on the small computer icon on top left (red arrow).

Step 2. A Site Manager window will show up.

File Zilla Opening Screen

Click on New Site button and enter a name for the new connection settings. It can be really anything, it’s just so that you know where it takes you to. I like to use the name of the domain so when you get a lot of different logins you can pick the right one. Just keep it simple

Step 3. Now you need to fill in the connection details (marked with red arrows).

Ftp Set up connection

Please enter host name (this is your FTP address, please NOTE: NO “www”, “http” but “ftp” goes in front of the domain name).

Your Server Type is FTPLogon type is Normal.

Username and password should be provided to you in Login Information e-mail.

If you’re not using your computer or you share your pc with other people and you don’t want them to be able to connect to your site you can select the option not to remember your password (underlined with blue).

Once you’re sure the settings are correct click Save and Exit button.

Step 4. Now After you returned to main program window click small arrow next to the computer icon top left to see drop-down menu. Pick your website from the list to connect.

Step 5. Connection established. You will see the folders of your site on the left side of the screen and the folders for your hosting account on the right side of the screen. They vary depending on the type of server you’re on .

For cPanel server type your upload directory is public_html folder. Click on the public_html folder and this takes you inside your site

Step 6. You have now established a connection between your computer and your server. If you have already installed wordpress your files will look like this.


Click on wp-content and you will get this screen and where we do most of our work. For uploading themes (templates) double click on the themes folder to open it then drag your desired theme into that folder. The same for plugins. double click on the plugins folder and upload the files.

Wp content

Step 7. Now find your files you want to upload on your local machine (left-side folder tree and content).

Simply select the files and drag-and-drop them to the right of the screen (your web folder).

You will notice the transfer progress on the bottom of the screen.

Uploadind files bottom of screen

If all is OK, your FileZilla window will show the files you uploaded on the right

Congratulations! You have just uploaded the files.

Step 8. If you change/update any of the files on your PC and wish to apply the changes on your hosting, all you need to do is drag-and-drop the desired file to it’s web destination and confirm the prompt window to OVERWRITE the file on the server.

NOTE: Please make sure you really want to do the changes as you will not be able to change it back.

Step 9. When you upload everything you need you can close the connection. To that click the icon pointed by red arrow.

Log Out

You can safely close the program now by clicking the “x” in red button top left of the screen.

Hire A VA – Motivation – QR CodeMembership Sites – Crowd Funding – FTP – Coding For Children – Tumblr


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