We have just added a 20 part video course on Facebook Marketing for business and here is the first video that outlines whats in this part of the course.

Hello and welcome to Module #1 – Facebook Marketing For Business.

This is the Introduction and Quick Overview of the free Facebook traffic generation video course. I just want to welcome you. Congratulations to you for taking the next step to getting started. We got a lot to cover. What I want to do today, in this specific video is just to cover the modules so you know exactly to expect and what tools that you’re going to need.

In this specific Module #1, we have Video #2, which is creating an action plan for your business. Obviously, before we get started and before we talk about how you can drive traffic, how you can bring yourself, and how you can create your content; you need to have a customized action plan in place for your specific business otherwise, everything that I teach you is not going to be personalized. I wanna make sure that you succeed and by doing so we’re gonna cover that in Video #2.

From that point on, we’re gonna jump right into Module #2 – Facebook Marketing For Business.

We’ve got 4 different modules. Module 2 is gonna be about getting your brand ready for Facebook. A lot of people make the mistake of jumping right in trying to understand how to drive traffic to their business, to their website, and things like that. But they tend to forget about branding themselves like you need to have your logo; you need to have some slogans.

You can have a mascot to increase your brand reach and there’s all these other little things that you can do as well. We jump right in and talk about that. Even if you have a company that is branded – you have your logo, you have your mascot and things like that; then this is good information that you can use to verify that you’re going the right way or if you’re just starting from scratch, then you can use this information to make sure that you’re going the right way.

That brings us to Module #3– Facebook Marketing For Business

We’re gonna talk about free Facebook traffic. Once you have branded yourself and you figured out, okay, I have a brand, I’m ready to go all out, now I can put myself out there. That’s what we’re gonna discuss in Module 3. There’s gonna be 6 videos in it that talk about free Facebook traffic. A specific strategy that is powerful. It’s free but you have to do it correctly. You have to set yourself up for success.

That brings us to Module #4 – Facebook Marketing For Business, which is creating awesome content. I know a lot of people tend to get overwhelmed because thinking about, “Oh, I got to create content. Content creation takes time” and things like that. But it really doesn’t have to take a lot of time. In fact, the methods that I want to show you are super easy to implement. You can create content with rapid speed. I’m gonna show you all of that in that video.

Now that we’ve covered the modules, I wanna jump right in and talk about what you need before we get started. You have an idea of okay, if you don’t have certain things here then you can go all out and go on out and get it. Basically, you have stuck with the basics. You just need a customized game plan, which I’ll talk about in the next video. Once you have that customized game plan, you can begin to implement all the stuff that I talk about and tell you.

You need some money to invest. I’m gonna say that upfront right now especially if you hire somebody to create a logo, to create educational videos for your entertainment videos for you, and things like that. Or some leeway if you have more money, then you can spend that money on outsourcing, getting other people to do it correctly or if you don’t have as much money and you have more time, you obviously will need some more time to invest as well.

Last but not least, you’re gonna need a Facebook account and optional video creation tools. If you wanna create your own videos, you can do it but we’re gonna be using Animoto and several other tools as well. But you can also do this yourself. You can hire somebody to do it for you or you can do it yourself. With that said, let’s go ahead and go to Video #2 and create a customized game plan so that you have that in hand, you know exactly what to do, and you can begin to implement it and get closer to success and to your goal. Let’s move on.

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