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Hi. My name is Quentin Brown and for years I have been using Mal’s Shopping Cartfor a number of products and services.

The purpose of these videos tutorials are to take you from novice to experienced in just over an hour.

When I started I spent hours working everything out. I deliver digital products and could not get the download process figured out. Once I worked it all out is was easy.

Offline Marketers Add another Service

We now set up carts for many businesses and transpose their websites into a shopping cart by just adding some simple strategies we explain in the videos. This saves them lots of money because no need to buy additional software or pay for web developers to set up new systems

This is why I made these tutorials and actually use Mal’s Shopping Cart to deliver these tutorials and also provide an affiliate program to let you also sell the tutorials.

I will show you exactly how to set up your cart then intergrate it into any type of site making it a fully functional eCommerce site where you can sell just about anything that does not breech Mals terms of service.

You can also download the videos for later reference.

What Is Mal’s eCommerce Shopping Cart

Mal’s shopping Cart is a hosted system allowing you to simply add some form code to any website or blog to sell products and services. It also has a simple affiliate program allowing to to enlist affiliates to sell your products and services if desired.

Mal’s does not process the payments for you but provides various third party intergeneration like Paypal and a number of other processors or allows you to collect the Credit Card details over a secure network to process through your own merchant facility.

The basic system which will be more than enough for most businesses is free and with a small monthly payment you can use additional features.


If your good at setting this type of thing up then simply go to Mal’s eCommerce and go for it however if you would like to be guided through the process then these tutorials are for you.

We also provide you with 60 + codes you can copy and paste and use for your shop or site.

The videos are all made with Camtasia so you can watch over my sholder as I set up the shopping cart for this site. I will also show you how to intergrate into other types of sites and provide a lot of added information that should help you.

Here is a brief tutorial so you can check if you will be able to participate. If you can watch the video below you will be able to watch all the tutorials.

List of Topics Covered in the Tutorials

  1. Introduction – How to register your system and login
  2. Payment Methods – How to set up your payment gateways etc.
  3. Email Settings – Sending and receiving orders and how to customize
  4. Tax and Shipping – Esential for selling products
  5. Provide Discounts and Vouchers – Great way to promote products and services
  6. Customize the look and feel – make it look like your cart
  7. Advanced Settings – Creating a more interactive experience
  8. Digital Products – Selling digital products
  9. Affiliates – How to set up your own affiliate program
  10. Using mOrders – A desktop application for your orders
  11. Putting the cart in your website or Blog – Different code for your cart
  12. Marketing – ways to market your website
  13. New FREE Mobile Shopping Cart

Any one can transform their current website into a full blown eCommerce shop using Mals’ eCommerce shopping cart. Offline marketers, Online businesses in fact anyone can do this.

You get these free in our Site or you can buy separately Here

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