If there’s one thing that ties all your digital experiences together, it’s your browser — let’s presume it’s Chrome. Maybe you use it on mobile in addition to desktop. It gets to know you, and you, it.

If you’re not using Chrome as part of your social media experience, then you’re very much missing out. Developed by Google, the free web browser provides a minimalist layout, but also provides a goody-bag of extensions that appeals to the social media community.

Out of Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari and Firefox, Chrome has become the most popular in 2013 and its rise to the top may be due to its clean interface and constant updates made to the site. Plus, it’s pretty fast.

But everyone has a few tricks up his or her sleeve.

The extensions and web browser apps are plentiful; but specifically for us social media lovers, you really can’t beat what Chrome has in store for you. Below is a rundown of some of the more interesting and popular Chrome extensions and apps:

Instagram For Chrome

instagram chrome social media

While it doesn’t support Instagram videos quite yet, the Instagram extension easily checks in on your stream without opening a new window. You have access to all the interactions — comments, likes, etc. — but of course you’ll need your phone to post a picture. Taking a quick Instagram break is a nice respite from any work day, and this extension makes it seamless. A great social media experience.

Where to Find Chrome Extensions For Social Media

Extensions are small software programs that can modify and enhance the functionality of the Chrome browser. You write them using web technologies such as HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. You can find them in settings tools/extensions. You can add a picture to Pinterest and interact with other social media.

If you want to see more extension icons on the browser toolbar, you can expand the extension icon area. Click the right border of the address bar and drag it to the left. Similarly, to hide extra extensions, extend the address bar by dragging its right border to the right. You can click the » button next to the Chrome menu Chrome menu to see your extra extensions (if they display icons).


TweetDeck is an application that accesses the Twitter interface, allowing you to do all things that you can do on Twitter.

What’s really cool about this is that it allows you to set up columns meaning that you can view multiple things from your own account all at once. Originally set up as a third party app in 2008, Twitter acquired TweetDeck in 2011.

Although the application was initially allowed on smartphones, word is that Twitter is pulling it from all app stores. It’s still available on Chrome however…for now. Great for social media using twitter.


Pearltrees is an extension that at first seems to sound quite similar to Pinterest; a sort of visual scrapbook where you can keep tid-bits of digital information in a social media format.

However, unlike Pinterest, you can also keep notes, text-only websites and anything that doesn’t have a picture to front it.

Not only this, you can ‘explore’ Pearltrees to find more pieces of related information from other users and ‘pluck’ the info to share on your own tree. It provides a visual way of keeping all your information organized.

Webpage & Webcam Screenshot

This extension allows you to take a screenshot of a complete webpage and save it to your computer for sharing on social media platforms such as Facebook. Twitter, Google+ etc. They also offer editing capabilities, allowing you to add text or to crop out things that are not needed before sharing it. You’re obviously not actually editing the content of the webpage itself, it’s more like overlaying. Either way, Webpage & Webcam Screenshot is quite a nifty extension.


This interesting extension allows Chrome users to send texts, free of charge from their computers while still allowing them to use the regular text function on their phones. It’s also available as a download for Android phones.


An app created just for fun and somewhat popular with Chrome users, is called Flip-O-Matic and seemingly does only one thing – flips text upside down. You can then post this flipped text to whatever social platform you want. ˙ʎllɐǝɹ looɔ ʎʇʇǝɹԀ

 Evernote Web Clipper


Evernote is a great tool — so many people use it for so many different purposes. The Web Clipper tool allows you to use it a little like Pocket; however, instead of formatting a news article, this tool saves and organizes content. You might use it for a research project or recipe box, for example. The content of the web page you’re on will save to one of your notebooks.

The Chrome extensions for the social media community are really just a small part of Chrome’s capabilities; it has so many more extensions and web browser apps ranging from games, to education, entertainment and business tools. Seriously, if you’re a social media lover who likes being entertained and you’re not on Chrome, then get involved.

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