Product Creation

Product Creation

The process of product creation has a few different factors however if you attack it a bit at a time it can be a fun experience.

The most important part of any product creation project is the research.

Do people want your product, who are your competition, what is involved in your product creation process, what are the stats on your products key phrases and words.

This will almost full proof your product to do well and you should always try and be as unbiased as you can in this process.

Product Creation Brain Storming

In our tutorials for product creation brain storming we use a system developed by corporate entities which simply rates each idea according to some simple criteria.

Do some brainstorming with friends and colleagues and write down 20 or 30 product ideas that have come up during your research.

Example:  A few years ago I was looking for some lighting for making videos at home. As I was researching I found all sorts of neat material like green screens do it yourself lighting, camera stabilizers etc. By using the product creation brain storming method I was able to list them all then apply some simple techniques to determine which was the best product to start on.

product creation video lighting

Most successful product creation ideas will come from
things you already know or do!

I ended up choosing Do It Yourself Video Lighting because this was something I was going to do and so started my research, bought the bits and simply documented the process as I built them. I wrote an ebook, created a site and sold over a 1000 copies.

Unfortunately video lighting has come a long way and LED is used a lot more these days. Here is a copy to show you how I did it and how it looked in the end. It is a PDF document.

So this is the first part of how we do product creation. Obviously you can expand it to a whole range of products and services however how to ebooks is a great place to start.

Product Creation Digital Magazines

These are very similar to ebooks as they are simply a pdf document however we format them for easy reading on tablets and mobile devices. As a product you can create them yourself or for clients.

In our site we show you how to create these magazines as part of the product creation process.

Product Creation How To Videos

Just like the ebooks you do your research and then create a set of video tutorials around your subject. The product creation system here is almost the same except you can deliver your videos in a membership site or as a series of downloads.

Product Creation Summary

So this is just a small part of what we offer in Web Marketing For Profit. We not only look at product creation but many other aspects of setting up your own online business. To see some of the topics look at our Contents Page.




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