Developing your Online Business can stabilise you in In todays economy where job security is slowly waining. Developing alternative sources of income is becoming a great way to supplement your income.

Where I started

In 1998 I started working for a start up charity and having a wife and four kids at home found I needed some supplementary income. I tried the normal alternatives like Multi Level Marketing, second jobs, party plans etc however I was not much good at them.

At this time the Internet had just started to explode so I learnt how to build web sites. I did some courses and developed my skills which has provided regular income for over 20 years now.

Multitude of opportunities

Our course has so many areas you could develop as a specialised service for customers.

There are heaps of scams around promising you the world with little effort and I have tried many of them only to find you still need some skills to make them work properly.

Turn your day On

Start with your daily commute. Most people spend about an hour commuting to and from work, and they often spend that time making phone calls, listening to music or getting ready for the day in some other way. But, there’s an opportunity to use that time more effectively to build your business.

There are several pockets of time you can utilize to make more of your daily routine. So, don’t complain there isn’t enough time — make the time if it’s important to you. Greg Rollett shares the tactics and strategies he used to launch his first online course while working a day job.

Greg just shared one way to start your online business recording tutorials and we cover this in our course. Here are the series we dive into and each one could be developed as a seperate business. To see more detail go here

Once you have a look at the variety of skills we teach you I am sure your head will be swimming with ideas and we are here to talk and encourage you. Contact US here to book a time.

If you are ready to dive in the go here to get started.

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5 Top Tips For Starting Your Online Business

I want to give you 5 great tips to how I started doing my online business which has been going for over 20 years now. Its not rocket science and I have helped heaps of people do this exact same method.

Start Your Online Business Tip One – Research

Its important when doing this process to find something you love. In the course there is a section on exactly how I rated my ideas etc. however it is not rocket science. Just find something you love and are passionate about because you going to be doing it a long time. It might be something you know nothing about but would like to become an expert at so research and make sure you document your research.

Start Your Online Business Tip Two – Business Plan

In the old days we had to do a full business plan to get a business bank account and a merchant facility however today you can get these without a full business plan. You business plan is really just a plan for your dream and consolidates your ideas. He who fails to plan, plans to fail. Don’t skip this as you will refer to it often. Here is an online template to make it easier.

Start Your Online Business Tip Three – Gather all your Assets

Now you have a destination and a plan it is now time to gather all the assets you will need. Computer, Internet, graphics, text for website and marketing and the rest. Many of these will be developed as you get going but gathering some now will give you direction.

Start Your Online Business Tip Four – Specialise then Branch Out

As I said I started with web design but over the years have accomplished many other supplementary businesses. I specialised in web design then opportunities started to open up. I got into Streaming Audio software then conference speaking then mobile websites and all along the way developed training as I learnt various skills. I always had a base of web design to fall back on if and when some businesses failed to take off.

Start Your Online Business Tip Five – Test And Test Again

Every business I started I would develop the skill and then test with friends or free to clients. I built a number of sites for other charities etc for free so I could work out the things I might come across with paying clients. I also did this with physical products by sending test products to friends all over the world to get times and delivery targets.

So thats it your ready to start so dive in and
go here to get started.

Enter the Coupon Code “post” without the ” for a great surprise.

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