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A  QR Code (stands for “Quick Response”) is a mobile phone readable barcode that’s been big in Japan forever, broke into Europe a while back, and is now getting traction in USA and Australia.

QR Codes Australia

A QR Code can contain a wide range of information and is being used by businesses all over the world as a marketing tool. If you have a smart phone, and have one of the many free QR Code reading apps installed, simply take a picture of the code to the left and you will see the mobile version of this site.

So lets get really simple. A QR Code is a graphic which is created by a generator and can link to a website or information such as contact details.

By scanning a QR Code with an QR Code App on a mobile device the scanner then either sends you to a website or displays the information.

You can generate one of two types of QR Codes.

The first is called a Static QR Code and can be created for free on any number of free QR Code generators. As the name implies the information can not be changed.

The second is a Dynamic QR Code and these are generated by a specific generator and are linked to a data base which allows tracking and changes. They are usually a payment system.

QR Code Tracking

When you open an account, you will have access to the QR code tracking and analytics platform where you can measure:

  1. How many people scan your QR code. (Total number and unique scans)
  2. Where people scan your QR code. (The geographic location)
  3. When people scan your QR code. (Hour by hour, in real time)
  4. How long individuals spend on your website after scanning your QR code.
Total number of website pages individuals view after scanning your QR code.
  6. Types of devices and phones used to scan your QR code (i.e. Android, iPhone, Blackberry, etc.).
  7. If the content behind your QR code is shared on social media websites like Facebook & Twitter.

To learn more and watch videos download the QR Magazine above or visit QR Codes Australia for QR Codes globally.

Though typically QR codes identify URLs you can essentially represent any piece of information you like, here are some examples:

Website URL
Send a text message
Send an email message
Address Book record (vcard)
Display some text on your screen
Any bit of text you like

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