Marketing – List Building

List Building – Social MediaPay Per ClickAffiliateViralSales Funnel

If you’re new to internet marketing, you need to know that list building is one of the most popular topics. Usually at this point you might ask yourself “what is list building?” or “why do I need it?”


The answer to both questions is very simple: “list building” is a process by which you create a list with potential customers that are interested in the products from a specific topic, be it a physical product, service or just the experience of a professional.

One way of list building, if you’re a website owner, is to use a newsletter form to collect subscribers. However, in such a situation, the visitor might not have anything to win so he will disregard signing up. In this case, a good way to raise interest in your visitors is to offer them a free bonus, but before doing it you have to list all the perks of why the bonus would be of great significance to them. More on this later.

Building a subscriber list is essential in order to lay the foundation of a successful business.

As with anything in life, when deciding to grow your business there might be
a few people who will oppose you, or you might get scared by the fierce competition. In order to overcome this you will need perseverance and strength. Let us begin.

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  1. (Above) Why You Need A List
  2. Picking an Autoresponder
  3. Setting up an Opt-in Form
  4. Ways to Grow Your List
  5. List Segmentation
  6. Setting up an Opt-in Form
  7. Setting up an Opt-in Form
  8. Setting up an Opt-in Form
  9. Building Relations with Your Audience
  10. Tracking Your Metrics

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Marketing – List Building

List Building – Social MediaPay Per ClickAffiliateViralSales Funnel


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