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The definition of the sales funnel (also known as a revenue funnel or sales process) refers to the buying process that companies lead customers through when purchasing products. A sales funnel is divided into several steps, which differ depending on the particular sales model.

  1. Sales Funnels 101 (above) Length: 03:05 min
  2. How Sales Funnels Work Length: 09:50 min
  3. The Key to a Successful Sales Funnel Length: 08:58 min.
  4. Squeeze Page Basics Length: 06:09 min.
  5. Getting Traffic Through Your Sales Funnel Length: 06:09 min.
  6. Your Freebie or Lead Magnet To Build Your Email List Length: 07:19 min.
  7. Getting Your Low and Mid-Range Priced Products Right Length: 10:30 min.
  8. Where You Start to Make Serious Money Length: 10:30 min.
  9. Higher Priced Products and Services - Smaller Numbers, Bigger Money Length: 06:40 min.
  10. The Expensive End of The Funnel Length: 04:12 min.

20 Ways to Create Profitable Sales Funnels

Tip #1 Don’t Try and Sell Right Away.

This is the mistake that the vast majority of marketers are making right now. Don’t try and sell until your audience knows who you are and why they should trust you.

Tip #2 Create a Product You Believe In.

If you want to create followers and fans, then you need to have a product that people can believe in. That means you should believe in it!

Tip #3 Invest in Your Funnel – Add Polish

A lot of sales funnels look like spam. Rise above this with high production values and a high quality sheen.

Tip #4 Target Your Visitors Carefully.

Your success depends largely on marketing to the right people from the start. Use a highly targeted PPC campaign, or find a good route to market.

Tip #5 Manage Your PPC Smartly.

This means calculating the best maximum bid and monitoring your reports.

Tip #6 Offer Value for Free

This is how you reel people in before they know they can trust you. Demonstrate your ability to provide value.

Tip #7 Consider Where to Put the ‘Free Line’

The free line is the point at which you start asking for money. Common wisdom says that the more you offer for free, the more successful you’ll be.

Tip #8 Sell Something Small Before You Sell Something Big

This demonstrates that your system works and shows that buying from you is a good experience.

Tip #9 It Takes Five Touches to Sell

On average, your sales funnel should have at least five steps.

Tip #10 Use AIDA

This stands for Awareness, Interest, Desire, Action.

Tip #11 Appeal to Authority

This is a good way to build trust.

Tip #12 Use Social Proof

Reviews and testimonials further help to make your brand look trustworthy.

Tip #13 Create a Sense of Privilege Around Your Brand

Make it seem exciting to move to the next tier. It’s not just another product, it’s an invite to a VIP community!

Tip #14 Use Goal Tracking

This is an important aspect of PPC that can help you fine tune your marketing approach.

Tip #15 Appeal to Stats

This works similarly to using a testimonial and backs up your claims.

Tip #16 Remove Buyers’ Remorse

Make sure your buyers won’t regret their purchase. Point out how it can be an investment!

Tip #17 Add Urgency and Scarcity

You want people to act quickly on impulse, so give them incentive to buy now rather than wait.

Tip #18 People Buy Based on Emotion

That’s because people buy based on their emotions not based on logic. This is what you must appeal to.

Tip #19 Know Your Value Proposition

Your value proposition is how your product actually improves people’s lives. For example, this might mean that you’re offering abs, confidence and health. Or money, stress reduction and status.

Tip #20 Play the Long Game

Don’t try and sell right away – think about the CLV or ‘Customer Lifetime Value’. Focus on building fans by offering amazing free content and selling a few cheap items before you move in to sell the big fish.

Marketing – Sales Funnel

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