Below are all the different types of multimedia we will help you produce for your business. We will specialize on these main multimedia channels both to promote your products and services and also just to add a little wow factor.

As you go through this page you will feel a uncontrollable urge to click the play buttons and if the content is attractive you will listen or watch what is being provided. This is the power of multimedia.

Multimedia – Audio

This is a simple music file. Click the little arrow to move to the next song.

[audio: Taylor – Everyday.mp3, – If I Fell.mp3|titles=Every Day,If I fell in love with you|artists=James Taylor,The Beatles]
While lots of people ditched audio in favor of videos it is now seeing a come back.There are many different ways to embed audio in your webpages and we are using a simple audio plugin here with wordpress for the above audio.

Soundcloud is the youtube for audio and allows you to use audio as social network platform and also to embed your audio on your website

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”” width=” 100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

Multimedia – Youtube Public Video

This is my friend Megan Washington and her video.

[youtube width=”560″ height=”340″][/youtube]

There are lots of different public video sights now and by creating one video you can publish to any different places. These are not just video site but many social networks like G+, Facebook etc.

Multimedia – Private Video

Adding private video for membership or business sites for more private viewing in that they will not be able to leave the page as with Youtube.

[flv width=”750″ height=”442″][/flv]

Multimedia – Powerpoint Slides

These are great for presentations both with narration and without. I will show you one of each.
Brand New – You can also embed a youtube video in your presentation.

My Slideshare I sent to my wife on Valentines Day. You could add music speaking etc and is all able to be synchronized

[slideshare id=124687&doc=love4106]

Multimedia – Powerpoint Slides Youtube

And the new Youtube incorporated with a presentation.

[slideshare id=1544479&doc=msiprompt-090607085327-phpapp02]

Multimedia – Digital Magazines

Digital Magazines can be used to promote products and services. We use a slightly different format so they are easier to read on tablets which is a huge market. This is the site however all our programs and training are available in this training site


Click Here to download the
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