I recently read an article in the Sydney Morning Herald saying that Amazon is searching for warehouse space in Australia so what a great time to develop products and build your skills.


Amazon has made its first official step towards entry into the Australian market with the appointment of agents, understood to be CBRE, to look for distribution sites that will form the hub for its business across the country.

Known as fulfilment centres, Amazon will seek large warehouses, with some suggestions it has already eyed off a development project at Goodman Group’s $50 million industrial estate at Oakdale Industrial Estate, Old Wallgrove Road, Eastern Creek, Sydney.

So now is the time to start and develop products that you want to sell worldwide and learn about online marketing, ecommerce, graphics and design and how to set up a websites etc.

If you already live in a country that has Amazon FBA then this can help you also to develop products and also learn about marketing etc.

work smart not hard to develop products

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