Hi my name is Quentin Brown and over the years I have built quite a few successful online businesses. There are a lot of marketers telling you that you can do it but not the how you do it for example:

 How to set up a website
How to build a list
to develop products
How to market your online Business
How to set up your eCommerce
and Much More

So the course I have developed is much more based on the how to do all the different tasks. There is so many options and many people want to push their own products or affiliate products. They also often suggest some things and then charge for the pro version.

We have put together a course and copied it to a USB stick with over 500 video tutorials in 60 workshops. Thats of 16 gig of training. We also have forums for questions and discussion and a webinar platform where we will share new information with you.

You can use other suppliers and techniques however these will give you a head start on any competition. I have done some of the tutorials and for those areas I needed help with I have tracked down specialists in that area. Some are a little old as they are timeless and I learnt a lot from them. Here is a sample of one of my videos which is part of the Digital magazine tutorials.

We released this in 2011 and many students have gone onto make their online business based wholly around developing magazines for them self or clients.

Testimony from Prescilla, Editor LILY Online Magazine

Much of how our magazine works is based upon your course.

This is just one of the courses included with your membership in Web Marketing For Profit online business course that Prescilla did. There are so many business opportunities online and each tutorial could be one on its own.


I did your course over a year ago! Thanks to your wonderful information I now have an Internationally read magazine with writers contributing from all over the globe at Its a great vehicle to promote my business and lifestyle brand and ethics.

Your information was incredibly helpful. Much of how our magazine works is based upon your course.


Below is what your front page of the course looks like and is the entry point to all the online business tutorials. We also provide them on this website so you can access with any device anytime 24/7.

$197 USD for the USB3 Training, Access to free
Webinar Training and Q&A
Plus Private Forum

Once you have paid you will get Instant Access.
Special Opening Offer $100 off using Coupon “wmfpstick”

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