Back in 2003 I was retrenched, at age 50, from my job because I did not have the piece of paper to back up what I was doing. You see I was hired as an administration clerk in a new Charity startup. Because there was not a lot of work I started to learn how to use my computer to make some supplementary income, designed web pages etc for the charity and helped as the charity grew with computer installations and networks.

I started in 1998 and by 2003 I had set up a successful home business by learning the basics of web design and computer management.  Luckily for me the websites were doing great so I was getting a lot of work and the charity hired me back to manage the site etc as the person they hired to replace me knew very little about online marketing.

Invest In Yourself For The Best ROI

How I learnt all the necessary information is by doing a number of small courses. I then simply applied what I learnt.

Rinse and Repeat

The side benefit of learning many different ways to develop online businesses was that I could then pass the knowledge onto young people in third world countries

The Offer

What I have for you is over 500 videos and 60 different workshops to help you learn the same things I did. How to build websites using WordPress, eCommerce, List Building, Graphics made easy, how to set up accounts and do recurring sales, Security, Media, Streaming Audio and Streaming Video, Digital books and Magazines, Marketing and Social Bookmarking and Marketing plus more.

I have used each of the above to set up separate online businesses or dept to generate income. I have created products and services which I have then sold.

So my offer to you is I will send you a 16 Gig USB3 with all the training on it and also provide access to the same information online so you can access it on your mobile or tablet.

Once you have paid you will get Instant Access. Please allow 10 days for delivery of the USB and your online account will be set up within 24 hours.

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