photoshop for business layersThe Simple way to use Photoshop for your business

I had a copy of Photoshop sitting in my program for years as I thought it was only for graphic artists. When I opened it there was no consistency with word processing etc. and so there it sat for years.

One day I had a chance to sit down with a graphic artist and ask all those silly questions you never get to ask and suddenly it all made sense.

Firstly, like most programs, if you get to understand just 10% of the program you can do almost 90% of your work.

Secondly once you realize that it all works on layers you can do a lot more than you thought. Then you can hunt down a psd (photoshop layered file) and manipulate it how you want and there are literally thousands of them for free.

Now learn a bit about text and colors and you are ready for just about anything.

The site mentioned in the tutorial was MSI Photoshop

Some good places for Photoshop Files

Free PSD dot Net

PSD Pricing Tables

PSD Business Cards

Paid Max’s Toolkit vs 4

Paid Max Mobile Toolkit

How to use a free Online Editor

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