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PLR Products

Reselling products or using them for additional products or services is a great way to do business online.

In the traditional world its called wholesale or reseller. A shop may sell Coke or Pepsi like many other shops.

PLR Products are similar in that you can resell already created products.

What is PLR


PLR stands for Private Label Rights. PLR can be article packs, reports, ebooks, full-blown product packages (with ebook, sales page, etc.), videos, WP themes, graphics packages, header packages, turn-key websites, and more.

When you buy PLR, you are getting material that you can use “as is” or change any way you want to.  You will need to follow each PLR writer’s Terms of Service, but generally they will allow you to put your name as the author, add material to it, take stuff out, rewrite it so it sounds like you, and so on.

We not only teach you how to use PLR but also add new products every month and will search our archives for you.

Suggestion on how to use.

  1. Sell the Content – This is the most obvious way of making money with PLR content, but very few people make use of this opportunity.
  2. Blog Post on Autopilot – You can acquire the content, make a few changes, add an introduction and tune WordPress to drip-feed your content at specific time intervals.
  3. Use the PLR Content in your Podcasts – You could easily convert a PLR video into an audio file using Audacity. You could then submit the recording to free podcast directories such as iTunes and generate traffic!
  4. Modify the Content at Will – You could acquire the rights to a video and change the graphics while keeping the audio and video content intact. This creates a new product which you can sell under your name.
  5. PLR Content for Webinar – You can use PLR content as the basis for your PowerPoint presentation. Simply approach an online marketer and add your Webinar to their list. You can turn this into a massive lead generator using tools such as
  6. Membership Sites – With the help of PLR, you can constantly add value to your membership site. You could use the PLR to create a fixed-term membership site and use Aweber to automate the entire process.
  7. Introduce Additional Benefits – Affiliate marketing is growing more and more competitive by the second. You need to offer something extra to lure in the clients and PLR is the best way to do it. With the help of PLR, you could create simple bonus packages related to the affiliate product that you’re promoting. However, you must never go overboard with bonuses, as one bonus too much can be the reason for people deciding against buying the product. Who would buy a product that needs excessive freebies to sweeten the deal!
  8. Load up the Autoresponder – Most people are clueless about the type of content that they should be sharing with their subscribers. PLR is the easiest solution if you ask me! Simply break up your PLR into short articles and design unique intro and conclusion paragraphs for each. Load up the articles into the autoresponder and you’re good to go!
  9. Start a Training School – You could start your own training facility and use the PLR videos to train students who sign up!

These are some of the basic ways in which you can use PLR to commence your business

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