How to drive traffic using Powerpoint slides

Powerpoint for business and traffic1.) HOW TO USE POWERPOINT FOR SEO

When creating your powerpoint use a catchy title or graphic on your first page. If you go to slideshare and look at the presentations that are getting lots of traffic to get some ideas.

Also these presentations do not use transitions so make sure your powerpoint slides do not use them.

Here are some tips in using PowerPoint in SEO and traffic campaign:

A.) Create PowerPoint presentations using existing articles. You don’t have to create PowerPoint from scratch. Simply convert existing articles or information from your site and transfer it to SLIDES. However, you need to understand that in using PowerPoint, you don’t use paragraphs or long phrases; usually bullet points.

B.) A single article can be converted to PowerPoint slides to more than three (3) times. I’ve personally done this for many times. First is by highlighting different points that are relevant for the readers. Second is by uploading PowerPoint slides using different titles and descriptions.

C.) Add images, not just words. It can be more effective in teaching others if you will add images that can help explain your points. But don’t include large images or pictures that are pixelated or have watermark in it.

D.) You can upload the presentations to as many PowerPoint sharing sites as you want. Here are some websites recommended by most people:

To be effective in this campaign, you need to provide relevant and valuable information. If you upload presentations that are not worth reading, you won’t get the trust of the readers.

You can also embed them in your website.

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