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Resources to help you with your Digital Magazines.

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A great place for free clipart

Another great place for free clipart 

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If you like Web Design, you probably use a lot of stock images in your designs. The following article is a list of 50 websites that provide free, open-sources images and photography to help you creating stunning designs without spending a dollar.  : Lots of images, orgnized in different galleries.

Dexhaus  : Good site with excellent photos.
Kavewall  : images and textures.
Digital Dreamers  : Different falleries.
StockVault  : Very well-known, and very good of course.
FreePhotosBank  : Good choice.

FreeDigitalPhotos  : Lots of photos.
Cepolina  : Many free images availables in different formats.
TurboPhoto  : Simple and efficient!
FreeStockImages  : Beautiful website, awesome content.

DeviantArt  : Another well-known site with images, photo and Photoshop brushes.

DreamsTime  : Hi-Res pictures.
Unprofound  : Many, many, many, images!
VintagePixel  : Old-School style images.
OpenStockPhotography  : More than a million images.

ImageAfter  : Images and textures.
FreePhotosIndex  : Good but hard to navigate.
EveryStockPhoto  : Nice site, nice content.
Photocase  : Same
Stock.xchg  : Simply great.

MorgueFile  : A site everyone should have in his bookmarks!.
Flickr  : You already know it, right?
GraphicsArena  : Stunning pics to donwload.
PixelPerfectDigital  : If you like digital photography, you’ll love this site.
FreeRange  : Another well known site.

AnimationFactory  : If you like animations, you’ll be happy with that one!
Fotogenika  : Very nice galleries.
Woophy  : To find pictures of the world.
MayangFreeTextures  : Lots of free textures to download.

FromOldBooks  : If you like old books!

TextureWarehouse  : Only top quality textures.
FreeStockPhotos  : Ugly site but cool pictures.
MajesticImagery  : Very nice.
BurningWell  : Same here, very nice site.

DesignPack  : Themed images packs to download
ZurbPhotos  : Download Bryan Zmijewski pictures.
AmazingTextures  : The name says it all
ImageBase  : Lots of gorgeous photos.
DiwieDesign  : Images are free but you’re encouraged to make a donation.

Tofz  : Free stock urban photography.

LightMatter  : Download Aaron Logan’s pictures.
InsectImages  : Only insects images. Bzzz…
Afflict  : Great site.
ArtFavor  : Images, fonts and wallpapers on the same site.

FreeImages  : Another nice one..
CreatingOnline  : Good resource.
GeekPhilosopher  : Pictures from GeekPhilosopher.
Creativity103  : Lots of images.

PhotoshopSupport  : If you like Photoshop, you’ll love that site!.
FreeMediaGoo  : Very complete resource.

Une Image au Hasard  : Gallery from an amateur photographer.


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