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There are basically 4 ways you can provide your video products and promotional videos. The best format for your videos is MP4 as this will allow for both PC and Mac to view.

  • Download – provide a link to your videos. Sometimes when selling your videos people may want to download them as their streaming ability is limited.
  • Shipped on USB/CD/DVD – You can burn your videos onto USB/CD/DVD products and ship.
  • Public Video – Load to places like YouTube for either public or private viewing.  These public video sites have become huge social media organizations so you get far more than just providing streaming video. You can also allow people to stream your videos which can lead to a better penetration in the market.
  • Direct Video –  Stream direct from the cloud or your own server. We use this a lot for membership sites etc where we don’t want the videos to be public similar to this site. We actually use Amazon S3 for our cloud server and will be talking about that later.

There are a number of ways to create video products. They can be how to videos, training and personal development ones, product tutorials and so many more.

I break them into two basic categories.
Live Video – which is when you are on the screen or interviewing someone. They are usually staring people. These all tend to use a camera.


Here is a link to the rest of his videos.How To Videos – are videos that tend to show how something works or product support etc and tend to be made with screen capture software like Camtasia. You can also make adds and tutorials.

Below is an example of one of my videos and also some camtasia how to videos.


Discover Camtasia – Save Time and Create Professional Videos with Screen Capture Video Software


Video 3 - Learn the Editing Basics in Camtasia:

Video 4 - Learn the Editing Callouts in Camtasia:

Video 5 - Learn How to Edit More Tab in Camtasia:

Video 6 - Learn How to Use Animation and Transition in Camtasia:

Video 7 - Learn How to Adjust the Audio in Camtasia:

Video 8 - Record a PowerPoint Presentation Using Camtasia:

Video 9 - Discover How to Produce and Share a Video Using Camtasia:


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