QR Codes for Business Tracking

When you open an account, you will have access to our QR code tracking and analytics platform where you can measure:
How many people scan your QR code. (Total number and unique scans)
Where people scan your QR code. (The geographic location)
When people scan your QR code. (Hour by hour, in real time)
How long individuals spend on your website after scanning your QR code.

Total number of website pages individuals view after scanning your QR code.
Types of devices and phones used to scan your QR code (i.e. Android, iPhone, Blackberry, etc.).
If the content behind your QR code is shared on social media websites like Facebook & Twitter.
We use QR Codes for business to reach a wider audience and provide a different way to interact with customers and prospective clients.

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What are QR Codes for Business?

As the video above mentioned they are a 2D graphic which when scanned with a free app on your mobile phone or tablet, will take you to a designated pages, facebook, youtube or website.

You can make free QR Codes or use a service to track them and get stats like when, where and what type of phone.

Where most businesses fail when using QR Codes for business is where they send the visitor once they have scanned the code. As they are usually being scanned on a mobile device it is important that you take them to a mobile ready site.

QR Codes for Business

An Interview with Mike Wehrs CEO of Scanbuy

Lately, I can’t have a discussion about QR codes, without someone saying that they heard that they are on the way out.  I totally disagree, but it does seem that a lot of confusion exists in the QR code world right now.

Since the state of a market is often reflected in the pulse of its industry leaders, I decided to check in with Scanbuy CEO Mike Wehrs, and seek his opinion.

Scanbuy, in case you are not familiar with the company, is now in its 13th year and has an impressive client roster that includes Coca-Cola, UPS, Taco Bell, Starbucks, Staples, HP and many others.    The company’s mobile apps are used in over 140 countries every day and functionality includes scanning, price comparison, QR code creation and more.     Wehrs joined Scanbuy as CEO and President in August of 2010.

Based in NYC, Scanbuy also has offices in 8 other countries.  It also claims to have “the largest and oldest patent portfolio of any company in the industry, with over 30 rights granted, covering the entire barcode strategy.”   The company is privately held and is backed by Motorola Mobility Ventures, Motorola Solutions Ventures, Hudson Ventures, and Masthead Venture Partners.

Wehrs described business as “pretty darn good”.     One area that is particularly hot is CPG, or Consumer Packaged Goods.  It is “off the charts” right now.  The reason is that QR code integration “allows them to engage with their customers on an unprecedented level with campaigns that are limited only by the imagination of their marketing team.”    There is also strong demand from QSR (quick serve restaurants).

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Qr Codes Stats

Tracking QR Codes

We use a similar system to Google Analytics to track your qr codes giving you much broader analytics than most QR Code Tracking systems.

How it works!

You log into your account and create your QR Code which will then provide you with a snipit of code to add to the pages you want tracked. If you use software like WordPress you can just add it to your header and see where people go.

Various uses of QR Codes

There are a lot of innovative uses for QR Codes. These can range from using them on business cards to providing information on wine bottles or other products.

Here is a list of 101 uses for QR Codes.

Developers for Apps that run on various operating systems can now use QR Codes for Apps!

QR Codes for apps is a service providing a QR Code tracking service which enables App Developers to create a QR Code which will automatically pick up the Operating System of the phone and send them to the appropriate site to download the app.


Why Use QR Codes for Apps

Once you get your QR Codes you can add them to your websites, magazines or anywhere people might like to scan them.

Unfortunately most of the various marketplaces are terrible for searching out your app and by using this system you can use your website or other media to direct people immediately to your app download on most of the popular OS systems.

This will help increase your downloads and also allow you to provide more information on the workings of your app.

If your like me I tend to research first on my computer or pad and then go and try and find what I want on my phone which can have varying results.

By using QR Codes for apps they can scan and load with out having to search making it a lot quicker for your customers plus you can share your QR Code in im age galleries, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest and so much more.

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