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This course is going to act as your comprehensive guide to mastering Pinterest.

By the end, you’ll know everything you need to know to get set up and to start building a massive audience. What’s more, we’ll go over some advanced strategies and techniques you can employ to get one step ahead of the competition and to accelerate your growth trajectory.

You’ll be armed with unrivalled knowledge of the platform and
you’ll be poised and ready to become a real force to be reckoned with on the platform.

Specifically, you will learn:

* How Pinterest works and what makes it different from other platforms

* How to get started with your own Pinterest boards

* How the top brands on Pinterest are making use of the platform

* How to save time using plugins and other tools

* How to market your Pinterest board through other forms of social media, email and more

* How to create stunning content that is destined to succeed on Pinterest

* Growth hack techniques for gaining more users more quickly

* What to expect from Pinterest moving forward



  1. Why Is Pinterest So Powerful (above)
  2. Pinterest 101
  3. Marketing With Pinterest
  4. The Pinterest Interface
  5. Pinterest Marketing Strategy
  6. Pinterest Marketing Technique
  7. Marketing Techniques
  8. How Are Business Using Pinterest
  9. Pinterest Marketing Plan
  10. Conclusion


Other free ways to get Pinterest followers. For example:

YouLikeHits – service where you can earn credits when you follow other people and in return they can follow you and earn points. – basically same principle as the example above. – PinAuthority tracks statistics of thousands of Pinterest users – in BETA when writing this. – Pinstamatic allows you to add locations, music, quotes, Twitter profiles, and websites to your Pinterest board. If you’ve ever wanted to promote a Twitter account, event, or even a song on Pinterest, Pinstamatic will give you the tools to do so. The site even has an automatic post-it generator that’s perfect for pinning clever quotes or lines from your blog posts. – Which of your posts hit it big on Pinterest? Which pins actually lead to a site visit? Answer all those questions (and more) with Pinerly. This tool serves as your Pinterest insights dashboard that allows you to keep track of the “repins” and “likes” that you’re content is getting. Pinerly even allows you to see how many click-throughs to your site each pin received.

Pinerly is still in invite-only mode, but you can leave your email address to score an invitation. – Think of this tool as Google Alerts for Pinterest. PinAlerts gives you a heads-up via email whenever someone pins something from your site, ensuring that you never miss an opportunity to thank the people who pin your images.

As with Google Alerts, you are in charge of the frequency of your alert emails. Whether you wish to receive alerts as the pins happen, once a day, or once a week is completely up to you. – Can’t wait to get your hands on your Pinterest data? Maybe PinReach can do the trick. Similar to Pinerly, this website gives you an overview of how your account is doing.

You can immediately see which boards are the most popular and which pins are doing well. PinReach also assigns a PR score to your Pinterest account to give you an overview of how popular you are on the site. The higher your score, the better you’re doing.

Pinterest for your business free ebook

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You can create a new board on Pinterest, you decide whether only you can pin to it or others can contribute as well. In most situations (especially if you’re new to Pinterest) a solo board makes the most sense. On the other hand, a group board offers many interesting possibilities, such as the following:

* Collaborating on work projects, such as sharing articles that offer tips on a specific industry or case studies that are relevant to the staff

* Planning a home renovation with your family and contractors, sharing things such as color schemes, sample rooms, DIY project articles, and room layouts that you like

* Promoting a joint cause or topic, sharing content that is relevant, such as statistics on the issue, ways to donate or volunteer, and stories of people helped by the cause

* Sharing seasonal or topical content, such as a holiday cookie board to collect and share recipes or a Mother’s Day board to share crafts for kids to make gifts

When you create a new board in Pinterest, you have a “Who can pin?” option. To create a group board, select Me + Contributors. You can add members either by their Pinterest member name or their e-mail address. If you start typing a member name in the text box, Pinterest automatically populates a list of possible matches, and you can select the right person from the list. Then just click the Add button next to the name.

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