No one judges a book by its cover, right?

Right. Well, your ebook, audio product or video course had better be properly packaged or your sales will most definitely suffer. Just because you’re selling digital e-products doesn’t mean that the critical role packaging plays in the marketing process has changed.

Obviously in this section it is hard to be too specific as you could be setting up a blog to sell products and services, how to grow the best potatoes in the world or dealing with multi nationals. For this reason I will go more into the principles and provide the resources for you to accomplish the right design. You can always use the forum to ask more specific questions.

Whether your selling someone else’s product or developing your own try and provide nice eye candy for your customers. A nice eBook or box cover can make all the difference to a successful campaign. Creating an attractive template for your eBooks only takes a few extra minutes of work but the overall look can be greatly enhanced and make your product look much more professional.

A simple, yet well designed header, can make your site stand out from the crowd and and make people feel confident you know what you are talking about.

Pinterest and Altetrnatives

You read it everywhere – pinning on Pinterest is great for business.  From increasing brand awareness and customer engagement to making more sales, Pinterest is a proven powerhouse.

Pinning” as it is called, refers to the posting of files to a sharing website – Pinterest being the market leader.  These files are usually images, but could be documents, pdf files, or video.  For this article – I will focus on images, as they are most common.

Think of pinning as an electronic corkboard for your pictures, video, and letters – but with messaging & sharing capabilities – get the picture now?

Whether an auto repair shop, insurance agent, boutique store, remodeling contractor, restaurant, or tourist attraction – pinning is a great way to share your brand & stories.  In addition, by including these links pointing back to your website ie. linkbuilding, pinning could even elevate your ranking on search engines, thus drawing more organic online-visibility to your business.

Consider these 17 Pinterest alternates – Happy Pinning!

Site                  Authority       Country                                                                                              

Universal Pinning (most like Pinterest)


Educational: LEARNIST

GraphicArts: DROPULA


Travel: TRIPPY

WebDesigners: RIBBLE

Wedding: LOVERLY

Notable Risers on the Pinning Scene

Eco: Eco Grazer

Fashion: The Button

Food: I Wanna Nom

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