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In this post I want too share a few home truths I have learnt over the past 15 or so years of having my own Online Business and helping others with their businesses.

I started back in 1997 with affiliate marketing while working for a charity organization. Most of my job was distribution and accounts of a magazine. In one issue we interviewed Robert Kiyosaki and the photographer was sick so I was asked if I could fill in at a luncheon held by the promoters. It turned out that I got to sit with Robert for a while as we waited for others to turn up.

It turned out he was very passionate about youth suicide and also business. It was a great talk and spurred me on to set up my own online business.

The Age Old Question

So yes I did ask the age old question. How can I make a million dollars?

The response was not what I expected and now many years later after asking other wealthy people the same question the answer is the same.

Invest in your own education and personal development. Most people have no time to do this and so stay where they are however if you can swap TV for some personal development and skill development you will find new doors opening.

Its not as it seems!

The truth is an online business is like any other business in that you have to organize your time, handle customers, do your taxes etc. We have seen many prominent online marketers over the years come undone for failing to keep records and do the day to day stuff.

Just like any other business, 10 percent will have a smooth ride however the rest of us have to be smarter and better than our competition. I personally see many people making good residual income but very few becoming millionaires over night.

Product value vs Product sales!

We see the big digital companies today release their products long before it is truly up to scratch and then play catchup. Operating systems is probably the best example. They do beta sampling and all sorts of customer trilling.

We can learn from this. You can create your products and release them at different stages and get feedback to make sure your product is what customers want.

Unfortunately I have also seen many Internet Marketers use lots of free, resale and other products to make bundles and sell them for exorbitant amounts which is just wrong. The IM world is full of snake oil sales people so please don’t become one of these.

Where to Start?

There are lots of great sites you can use to start training yourself such as Lynda, Corsea and many others. There are also some great youtube channels Vimeo channels that have great training.

If your really interested in just creating digital products etc then our course will give you all you need plus support. Try our 72 hour trial to see some of what we offer and contact us for a one on one chat.






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