How To Hire a virtual assistant

In Our training system we will go through how to hire and manage
your Virtual Assistant

A VA is a self-employed business operator providing business services, in particular, administrative, secretarial, technical and creative via remote means, usually from their home office, utilising the Internet as well as phone, email and other means.

The main reason for adding this training is not so much to show you my VA but let you follow through the whole process so you can apply it to your business.

Jeff has a little bit of knowledge however not much in the marketing side which is what I wanted so I can hone his skills.

I have been through 3 VA’s before Jeff so have learnt quite a lot about hiring them.

The first one I did not have anything organized so spent most of the time looking for work for her.

The second one I got through a VA company and while they were a lot better they ended up quite expensive.

The third one was a local and I still have them and the last ones was Jeff.

Steps to Take Before You Start Your Search for a VA

The road to hiring a good VA starts before you’ve even begun searching. Here are four steps to consider:

Step1: Create a clear job description. Clearly write out all of the job’s responsibilities. Think about how your business is currently set up and how the VA will fit in. Do you need a task-based VA, a full-time assistant, or someone who will work for you on a part-time basis? Or, are you really looking for a micro job that can be given out to different people?

Step 2: Determine the job’s requirements. This means not only requirements in terms of experience but also the kind of hardware/Internet connection necessary to complete the job, as well as any necessary skills and personality traits. Also, determine what time frame will be given to complete the job/role​.

Step 3: Calculate how much can you afford to pay. Knowing this can help you narrow down your search and ensure that you stick to your priorities. You should also research what VA’s are typically receiving for conducting the work that you seek. You can do this by asking your peers what they charge, looking at the listings on virtual hiring sites, and even heading over to a VA forum and asking some experienced VA’s themselves.

Step 4: Determine how you will evaluate the new hire. Set some benchmarks and productivity goals so you can quickly cut your loses should the arrangement not work out. Though it may be disheartening to have to let a new VA go and start the hiring process again, keep in mind that there are plenty of candidates out there who are willing and able to do the work you need. Don’t waste your precious time and money going around in circles.

In our training we have a few workshops and 8 training videos.

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