Two weeks ago we released The Stick on which we have loaded a whole range of skill based training to help you discover all the skills you need to build websites, create your own products, develop your own marketing strategies.

I have been doing this since 1998. I started with affiliate products then developed my own products. I was then invited to talk at various functions. This also allowed me to move from Australia to Thailand to help train youth.


I also have Clients

My time online has been divided between clients and my own business product development. I have developed a number of products such as software, coaching and training.

The image above was done using Photoshop and I will show you how to do this very easily in just a few videos.

I use this information everyday. I practice what I preach.

This is not a do 10 minutes work and make a million dollars though I wish it was. It is more about the hows. So many of these programs go through what and where but leave out the details of how. We will show you how to do all the tasks with videos so you simply follow on. It is the guts of what makes a great online business and is how we have built a number of great projects that have made us a lot of money.

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