Blogs are usually performed in a blogging platform like WordPress and other formats. They follow a standard format built around the content. Creating Blog Posts for your business is the key to getting greater visibility in the search engines and hence blogging for profit is a great technique for your business.

Blogging for Profit

A good blog post has a number of characteristics that basically never change. This is because content is king and always will be.

No matter what your business a couple of posts a week can drive a lot of traffic to your site. Add to this if you post about 1 post a day for about 10 days it will train Google and they will come visit your site a lot quicker and also add you post to the search engine almost immediately.

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Blogging For Profit Step 1 – Link Search Engines

The first thing to do is make sure your site is linked to Google and Bing webmaster and also that your sites xml site map is loaded in both places.

Blogging For Profit Step 2 – Your Title Will Make or Break Your Post

Your title will either encourage your readers to go further or simply turn them off. David Ogilvy once said, “On the average, five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy. When you have written your headline, you have spent eighty cents out of your dollar.”

Your title in a post is the same as a headline so if it does not capture them they wont go any further.

Blogging For Profit Step 3 – Lead Paragraph.

This is key. If you take too long on the wind-up, you will lose readers. You have to get into the premise of the post and make it relevant to your readers. This should contain your key phrase in the first sentence.

Blogging For Profit Step 4 – High Quality Relevant Image

Images are very important to your post just as they are in any advertising, magazine or paper. Not only will your image give substance to your post it will also be a key feature in your social bookmarks. Also in sites like pinterest, Flikr etc it will be the gateway to your post.

Make sure you give it a good name. something like video.png will not hack it. You need something like blogging-for-profit-video.png.

Blogging For Profit Step 5 – Make it Personal Where Possible.

Sharing personal experiences encourages the relationship. The best posts are based around stories. When I talk on the stage or write a post I try and be a story teller.

Blogging For Profit Step 6 – The Body

Everything to this point has been an introduction. I always try to make my main content scannable. I use bullets, numbered lists—and often both. This makes the content more accessible to readers and more sharable via Twitter and Facebook.

After The Post

Once the post has been completed always re read and make corrections and see that it reads nicely in one sitting.

Tags: Now that your post is finished you can add some tags. These can add a lot of value to your post and you can introduce some new key phrases.

Categories: Are a way to organize your posts into various areas like folders and the naming should also follow your main thrust of your overall site.

SEO: This is usually performed with a plugin like All in One SEO where you can add a title description and key phrases.

Comments: Most blogging platforms allow for comments which allow for interaction. Always make them moderated so you can control the conversation.

Sharing: This comes in two waves. Adding sharing buttons to your post allows for other to share on their social platforms.

The second from is to add the post to all your social networks which I suggest you set up. With programs like WordPress this can be automated to a certain extent.

Provide internal links: I can’t say everything in one post, so I link to other posts where I have developed a thought in more detail. This has the added vantage of increasing my pageviews and session times. I think it is also genuinely helpful to my readers.

At Web Marketing For Profit we can help teach you how to blog so just contact us.

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