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We hear a lot about traffic and content on our websites however the secret is really about website conversion. And this all stems from a good call to action.

I have looked at a huge number of websites in my career and website conversion is something very few website owners seem to concentrate on and yet it is the life blood of any online business.

What is a Good Website Conversion Rate?

If you’re like 99.9999% of all online businesses, your conversion rate is below 3%, and quite likely below 1%. Imagine how much more you’d be making if your conversion rate was as high as Amazon where the lowest conversion rate is around 9.6%, even if you were not getting any more traffic.

What Factors Affect Website Conversion Rate?

Not every website can get a conversion rate that high. And the ones that do have a number of things in their favour:

Website Conversion depends on design and content – This is the easiest factor to change. Simply put some time,effort and budget into how well designed your website is and how compelling your content is.

We use a simple plugin called Call To Action Pro

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Product – This is one of those simple-but-not-easy cases. The better your product, the more likely it is to get more sales.

Exceptional offers increase Website Conversion – People buy based on great offers, either real or perceived. Having a free trial for a service or free return shipping  will dramatically lower a potential customer’s barriers to convert. Also, remember that it is all about perception – the never-ending “offer ends soon” hook works as well now as ever before.

Business model can effect website conversion– This is similar to the product, in that it is all about how compelled people are to buy your product or service. A website that sells books or last-minute flowers will convert much more easily than a furniture website.

Website Conversion with a Brand name – No-one doubts the integrity of Amazon, so they have no qualms about purchasing something off their website. A brand is built on both awareness and perception. A brand with a legendary reputation for low prices, exceptional service or amazing products eg Emirates or Singapore Airlines) will always outperform one that has a shoddy track record Jetstar or Tiger Airways.
Website Conversion

Generate super qualified traffic for better Website Conversion – Your website conversion will be higher if your traffic generation strategy focuses on pulling in only super qualified traffic. This can be done by focusing only on long tail buying keywords with a PPC campaign. The downside of this is that you potentially lose a lot of short tail sales from sheer volume driving keywords.

You can also narrow down and save costs by using [website conversion] “website conversion” brackets and quotations. These are called exact and phrase match and only bring in qualified leads.

Repeat business and referrals is best for Website Conversion – people that have bought from you before (and are happy with you) will return to buy again. So don’t ignore the traffic that you have worked so hard to get in the first place. Keep them engaged with you by way of email marketing, follow up calls, social media and any other creative outlets you can think of.

Can I Get a 10% Conversion Rate?

Based on the factors above, the first thing you should realize is that a 10% conversion rate isn’t possible for everyone. Even if it’s possible for you though, the 10% conversion rate won’t happen overnight. It will take time, a huge investment in evolving your entire product offering and business and a lot of expertise. That may seem daunting to you, but always remember that progress is better than perfection. If you improved your conversion rate from 1% to 2%, that would double your online business. Isn’t that progress worth it?

So set some short and medium term goals and start picking off the lowest lying fruit – improving your conversion rate through relatively simple website re-designs, restructuring of content and A/B testing. These are also easy to outsource (to a degree), so get cracking!

To help you along you can get this great software to help you create calls to action and improve your website conversion in just minutes

Watch This video to see how this amazing tool can help you with your Website Conversion

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Website Conversion For WordPress

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