cloud computingnoun- the practice of using a network of remote servers hosted on the Internet to store, manage, and process data, rather than a local server or a personal computer.

The first thing to note is the cloud is just a bunch of computers.

Now for those that find this a little confusing let me take you through how I see it.

We all use a computer and it has a hard drive. We write documents etc and save our work to the hard drive. This is called a local drive.

In a business situation you may have a number of computers and they use a server to save documents to share with other staff, access the internet etc. This is like a mini cloud system.

Now think of hundreds of those servers and we have what is called a data center.

Some of the bigger companies like Amazon have numerous data centers that provide backups so if something happens to one it will automatically switch over to another.

Because of this type of security many software programs and businesses can provide new products and services.

What Would a Business use the cloud for?

This form of storage allows business to use them for a number of tasks.

Backing up data is a very important part as it gets the key information off site for security reasons. There are many programs you can use to automate this whole process.

Here is a great article from PC Magazine how to backup to the cloud for free.

38 Online Backup Services Reviewed – A List of the Best Online Backup Services

Changes to computer thinking
Stephen Fry explains cloud computing

We have a number of tutorials to help you use cloud computing in our professional tutorials.

Its not just a course its a resource

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