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Hi my name is Quentin Brown and I will be sharing with you a number of different strategies I have used to create various products and services to sell online.

You can use these strategies for your own products and services or for your current business to generate additional income.

These products generate thousands of dollars for me.

I started off y online career in 1998 while working as a accounts clerk For five years I tried all different things in my spare time form affiliate products to learning to build websites etc.

My first product came out of a need to be able to play audio on a website. I worked for an Aid Organization and an orphanage sent some audio of the children to send to the sponsors. In those days we were on 56 K modems so had to be able to play over slow connections.

I found some software that used the new flash protocol in the back blocks of the music industry and ended up buying it for $1400.

We repackaged it and released it in 2003 and it has made us thousands of dollars and is just reaching its shelf life now.

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